North Buckhead Civic Association
41st Year Annual Meeting
March 26, 2013

Tessa Turner and Carolyn Brown
The two new board members, together, greet guests.


Michelle Carver

Bradley Carver
learns civic involvement early.

Louise & Jackie Goodman, and
George Consuegra

Robert Sarkissian and Rita Christopher

Dan Riggs' 1960 aerials were a hit.

Bob Young, Max Kutz, Tom Kutz
and Bennett Wiggins

Sue Lind

Rev. Dr. John Simmons
St. James' New Senior Pastor

Dieter and Christine Franz

Mary Thomas

Fe Nievera

Alan Vaughn and Debra Gold

Howard Shook and Robert Sarkissian

Jill Mahaffey

Jim Garcia

Julie Witt and Mike Halpern

Trey Kelly

Ed Lindsey
House Majority Whip and neighbor

Major Van Hobbs

Dan Weede

Gordon Certain
crunches the numbers.