North Buckhead's
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Blue Heron Nature Preserve
(Photos added 9/1/03)


10/9/03 Emma Wetlands Purchased by City of Atlanta. Will be managed by Blue Heron Nature Preserve

9/11/03 Nancy Creek USGS Water Monitoring Site (photo below)

3/22/02 Flyer For Blue Heron Nature Preserve Phase II

10/20/01 Cleanup

03/03/01 Tree Planting

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Southwest view, roughly toward Pike's 

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Northward view along Rickenbacker Drive
p0004517a.jpg (58471 bytes) Wildlife

This fall the supervisor at DeLonga's construction site next to the Preserve saw two deer, and adult and a smaller one on the site -- they took off down the creek.  We also have a beaver, an otter family, mink, Canada geese, mallards, wood ducks, fox, turtles, raccoons, opossums, all at Blue Heron.  And, of course, the blue heron.
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Dead mink found near the Preserve.
Mink and otters like only clean water
so it is a good sign that we have them.
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Blue Heron is extra special when you consider that the GDOT says 250,000 vehicles pass within about a mile of it, on average, every day.
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Blue Heron Nature Preserve organizer Nancy Jones with Georgia Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologist Don McGowan
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Georgia Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologist Lisa Kline  with North Buckhead's Nancy Jones, John Carawan, and Sue Certain
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Looking north towards bridge
on Rickenbacker Drive
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Note old dam or bridge pier on left

More Trees

We planted 40 large trees and 40 seedlings on Saturday March 3, 2001 in the rain.  We had a great turnout of over 30 volunteers.  Photos Here

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Snowy December
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Busy Roswell Road in the distance
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Canada geese
P0004410.jpg (82062 bytes) geese1.jpg (55110 bytes)
Canada geese
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Rickenbacker Rd. USGS water sampling station
(Installed 5/03)
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Eastern box turtle (9/1/03)

IMG_2586b.jpg (76398 bytes)
Eastern box turtle
IMG_2597a.jpg (132981 bytes)
Fresh water bivalve shells (9/1/03)
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Fresh water bivalves (9/1/03) as arranged by Nature
IMG_2599a.jpg (141565 bytes)
Tributary joining Nancy Creek from Emma Lake wetlands (9/1/03)
30-acre Community Wildlife Habitat

Blue Heron, along with the largely natural architectural firm's site just to the south, plus the 12-acre conservation easement by the Post apartments on Nancy Creek across Roswell Road and the 11-acre "Lake Emma" wetlands (behind the condos on Lakemoore) provide a large, contiguous environment to preserve wildlife in its natural environment along heavily traveled Roswell Road.  Nancy hopes to certify these areas, about 30 acres total, as a community wildlife habitat by 2002.


EX000002a.jpg (61315 bytes) Blue Heron Nature Preserve Credits
Americorps North Buckhead Garden Club
Boy Scout Troup 370 Patagonia
Chattowah Open Land Trust Post Properties
Howard Patterson Southeast Waters
Kohler and Miller Advertising Stephen DeLonga
Nancy Jones THW Design
North Buckhead Civic Association Trees Atlanta
2/13/02 Environmentally-oriented stabilization of Nancy Creek's bank is under way at Blue Heron Nature Preserve.  

The coconut husk mesh, wood stakes and tree limbs will hold the soil in place until the many black willow stakes sprout and grow roots.  

Thanks to Nancy Jones (shown in picture) and Jack White and his volunteers from Southeast Waters.

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2/23/02 Americorps and Southeast Waters volunteers receive award at NBCA Annual Meeting for their help in creating our Blue Heron Nature Preserve

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