NBCA's Fall Fling at Chastain's American Legion on Oct. 20

Phase II--Acquisition of Lake Emma
Unfortunately, the North Buckhead Civic Association was not awarded a Blank      Foundation grant due to the ongoing EPA  investigation at the wetlands site.  However, the encouraging news is that the EPA and the current wetlands owner understand the neighborhood's desire to acquire the      property and seem willing to come to the table to work out a settlement, which we're working toward.

Blue Heron Needs Legal/Accounting Help
The Blue Heron Nature Preserve is considering incorporating as a nonprofit and is seeking pro bono or very low cost legal and       accounting expertise.

If you or anyone you know might be able to help, please contact Erika Archibald at   404-262-2823, prnature@aol.com.

September 2002 Newsletter

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