May 2003

North Buckhead Newsletter

Page 7

Zoning and NPU-B Report

Neighborhood Restaurants

The following was reported by Waldtraut  "Walda" Lavroff (NPU-B Chair and NBCA Zoning Committee Chair)

NBCA's web a list of local restaurants -- North Buckhead has about 40.  We invite you (customers, not owners) to send in comments about the ones you like.  Mail your comments to PO Box 420391 or

NBCA Zoning Committee has processed very few applications in recent months although much construction activity going -- it all appears to be within code. 

A group has been formed through the leadership of City Council member Clair Muller.  It is to determine ways to facilitate East-West transportation to and from Buckhead (including all parts of North Buckhead) without compromising the neighborhoods' safety and quality of life.  Our Zoning Committee chair will keep us posted.

NPU-B submitted priorities for the 2004 City's  Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP), including:

  • Implement a transportation/traffic management plan for Buckhead;
  • Pursue more greenspace, parks and pedestrian amenities;
  • Protect neighborhoods from commercial and non-residential encroachment;
  • Redefine and possibly expand the SPI-9 district. It now includes only the core Buckhead Village.

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