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Explore North Buckhead’s Quarry

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NBCA Membership Continues to Grow Zoning Report
NBCA to Sponsor Habitat for Humanity House
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NBCA to Sponsor Habitat for Humanity House

Thanks to a long ago agreement between the North Buckhead Civic Association and Equitable (now Lend Lease) there are funds available to pay for materials to build a Habitat house in Atlanta. The start date is June 12th and approximately 20 volunteers are needed on each of 8 consecutive Saturdays.

Many thanks to Howard Carson, a native of North Buckhead, current resident and residential developer, who has raised the thousands needed to make up a shortfall. In addition to Howard, many thanks go to contributors Harold Cunliffe, Steve Goodsell, Minerva Real Estate Investments, Woodall Developments, and Piedmont Builders. Thanks also to Hal Corlew of Carmain Drive who has served as escrow agent for these funds for many years.

Volunteer for
North Buckhead’s Habitat Project!
Contact: Gordon Certain
5110 N Ivy Rd

In 1990, Equitable, then the owner of Phipps Plaza, was seeking community approval of its application to expand Phipps Plaza and build Phipps Boulevard. The neighborhood generally supported the proposal but feared any creep of commercial development across Phipps Boulevard, especially at the corner of the Buckhead Loop - the tract known as the Pope and Land site, formerly the Alexander estate.

NBCA felt that Equitable had a responsibility to demonstrate assurance that it would assist North Buckhead in protecting against any commercial encroachment. Pat Corlew, then chair of NBCA zoning committee, negotiated with Equitable and obtained a written agreement that Equitable would support North Buckhead in opposing any commercial encroachment and would escrow $25,000 that could be used only to enforce the agreement.

The agreement would expire at such time as the Pope and Land tract was developed all residential as called for by the Comprehensive Development Plan. At that time, any remaining funds would be donated to a charitable organization which directly benefits the homeless of the City of Atlanta as jointly agreed upon by NBCA and Equitable. In the past few years, the ownership of Phipps has changed twice. Even though the Pope and Land tract has not been fully developed, the agreement with Equitable has become moot. Under these circumstances, at North Buckhead’s request, Lend Lease (formerly Equitable) has agreed to release the funds, which now amount to over $30,000, and support North Buckhead’s wish to donate the money to building a house for Habitat.

Pope and Land has attempted to amend the Comprehensive Development Plan and rezone the parcel for mixed use in order to build office, hotel, and restaurant as well as residential. The neighborhood overwhelmingly opposed this proposal and it was defeated by the City Council. The developer sued the city and the case is pending.

NBCA Membership Continues to Grow

NBCA membership continues to grow and has now reached 445 households. NBCA’s annual dues are just $25. NBCA uses your dues to support a variety of activities such as zoning activities, the Spring Fling each May, producing this quarterly newsletter, sponsoring Little Nancy Creek monitoring and other neighborhood services. Plus, we send you an attractive silver sticker for your mailbox!

Another service that NBCA provides is periodic North Buckhead Updates sent by email.

You can join our list by sending an email to nbca@nbca.org.

Spring Fling

Plans are being made for the annual Spring Fling neighborhood party. The date has been set for May 16. The party has been in the same location for the last few years. This year, we are looking for a different locale.

If you have any suggestions for a good place to have the party or ideas for activities, please email us at nbca@nbca.org. The street should be easily blocked off for traffic and have surrounding places to park for those that can’t walk. This has been a tremendous event in the past. It is a wonderful afternoon of fun for the kids and a great way to meet your neighbors.

Mark your calendars! We look forward to seeing you there! Contact Dari Dollar @ 404-467-8056 for more details.

Buckhead/Brookhaven Tour of Renovated Homes

Sarah Smith School will present the seventh annual "Tour of Renovated Homes" on Sunday, April 25 from Noon to 5. The tour is unique among tours as it features five homes which have made major renovations in North Buckhead and Brookhaven.

The tour is organized by the Sarah Smith PTA and sponsored in part by Harry Norman Realtors. All proceeds benefit the school and tickets are available at Sarah Smith, Hastings Garden Center and Harris Teeter for $12 or day of show for $15 at any of the homes.

For more information, contact tour co-chairs Lisa Carvalho at 404-264-9569 or Anne Boydston at 404-266-2966. Come out and show your support for your neighborhood elementary school!

Explore North Buckhead’s Quarry

Ever wondered about the old quarry between Carmain and Glengary. Did you even know it was there?

With it’s 40-foot cliff-like walls and a waterfall, the old quarry is a special place that few have seen. Now, thanks to its owner, Bill Cummings, those who are curious can join us in a walk into the quarry.

We will meet Sunday April 25 at 1 P.M. in front of Bill Cummings’ house at 4240 Carmain Drive. Please wear boots and old jeans and, if you are afraid of snakes, you probably shouldn’t go. The walk should take about an hour. (Note: Please call or email to get the final schedule.  The walk may be at 2:00.   email Gordon at NorthBuckhead@yahoo.com.)

Call Gordon Certain at 404-231-1192 for more info. One word of caution: Don’t organize your own hike. After all, the quarry IS privately owned.

Zoning Report

The frequency and complexity of zoning applications in our neighborhood is increasing. Some proposed changes will be good for the community, some will not be. We ENCOURAGE you to GET INVOLVED and let your feelings be known to NBCA, as well as NPU-B, the Zoning Review Board, and the City Council. Without exception, the position taken by the North Buckhead Zoning Committee in the following zoning and variance cases were upheld at each step of the process:

Olde Wieuca Mill – an application to allow for an expansion of the Olde Wiuca Mill PD-H for 6 more houses was defeated.

Phipps Boulevard/Conifer Circle– an application for a PD-H for 52 detached, single family houses on Conifer Circle was approved. The site was designated for high density residential in the Comprehensive Development Plan and NBCA is pleased that this project represents a downzoning.

Ivy Road – an application for a subdivision for 11 homes on 5.5 acres at 3847, 3857, 3865 and 3879 Ivy Road was approved.

Ivy Road – an application to rezone from R-3 to PD-H at 3884 Ivy Road for 10 homes on 6 acres was defeated. The applicant and the property owner have sued the city. The suit is pending.

Roswell Road – a preliminary proposal for a variance to allow for a Car Spa car wash/coffee shop/gas station at Roswell Road and Midvale met with a negative reaction from Zoning committee members. The developers decided not to go forward with the project.

Approved Variances

851 Carlton Ridge – to encroach on the side yard setback to expand the master bedroom

3740 Wieuca Road – to encroach on the side yard setback to enclose a carport

4168 Glengary Drive– to encroach on the side yard setback to remodel a carport and add a new carport.

Pending Cases

North Stratford – an application by L&S Building Group for a subdivision for 5 houses on 3 acres at 3806 North Stratford was deferred when the review by NBCA Zoning Committee revealed that it did not meet several requirements of the Subdivision Ordinance. A new site plan will be presented at the committee meeting on April 19.

Old Ivy – a preliminary proposal by Liberty Development for 31 townhomes on 2.5 acres (from 88 to 150 Old Ivy) has been met with overwhelming opposition by the residents of Olde Ivy Square Condominiums and nearby homeowners. No application has been filed.

Brookhaven Oaks – an application for a variance by Province Properties to allow for a wall and a fence in the front yard of the subdivision is overwhelmingly opposed by North Buckhead and NPU-B. This case will be heard by the Board of Zoning Adjustment on April 16 at 1:00 P.M. in City Council chambers.

Rickenbacker – an application has been filed by Core Development Group to rezone from R-4 and RL-C to RG-2 for 120 condominiums on 11 acres at 4210, 4222, 4232a, 4218 Rickenbacker Drive and a vacant tract. This project would require a CDP change. This application was presented informally to the North Buckhead Zoning Committee on March 22 and several neighbors present expressed concerns about height, density, traffic, flooding, and setting a precedent. a formal presentation will be made to the Zoning Committee and the neighborhood on April 19.

Zoning Committee Meetings

The Zoning Committee is scheduled to meet (subject to change) at 6 P.M. at St. James Methodist Church, Room 106 on the following dates: April 19, May 17, June 21, July 19, August 23, September 20, October 18, November 22 and December 20. Please call co-chairs Kay Beynart (404-252-4258) or Bob Young (404-255-1315) to confirm. Other Zoning Committee members are: Bob Chakales, George Ingols, Harold Cunliffe, David Dollar, Jay Lask, Leon McElveen, Lamar Miller, Elizabeth Munson, Barbara Pollock, and Sally Silver.

Annual Meeting

The North Buckhead Civic Association has enjoyed one of its best annual meetings on February 11 in Fellowship Hall at St. James Church. Those in attendance were treated to a generous offering of refreshments, took part in the election of the NBCA Board of Directors, and heard presentations from four very interesting and informative speakers.

Georgia Conservancy President, John Sibley, gave an overview of the efforts to help protect and restore Georgia’s clean air and water. The Georgia Conservancy is active on many levels and in 1998, participated in a lawsuit against those government entities not meeting Federal Clean Air Act requirements.

Susan Kessler Bernard, a native Atlantan, and author of Buckhead: A Place for All Time described a fascinating history of Buckhead dating back as far as the Paleo-Indians. Ms Barnard explained how the native tribes and settlers came to call Buckhead home, as well as how the streets and roads were named. Her book is available in area bookstores.

Sally Flocks, founder of PEDS (Pedestrians Educating Drivers on Safety), made a thorough and sometimes alarming presentation on pedestrian safety. She has been involved with pedestrian rights, safety, improvement, and education for several years. PEDS is on the Web at www.peds.org.

Garden Club May Day Party

The North Buckhead Home and Garden Club’s annual May Day Party is set for Sunday, May 2 at 5 P.M. at the home of Helen and Fred Branch, 3776 N. Stratford Road. If you are interested in finding out more about the Garden Club, but haven’t had the chance to attend one of our monthly meetings, this family event is for you! Everyone who lives in North Buckhead is welcome to join us for a casual get-together to enjoy our lovely neighborhood and meet new neighbors. The Branches have made a generous tradition of opening their beautiful backyard for this springtime celebration. Children and grandchildren are invited and most welcome. The Club will provide beverages and sandwiches, but we ask each family to bring a dessert or appetizer. Call Gaylen Baxter if you would like details at 404-257-1832.

The Garden Club had a great year with a variety of interesting programs. We welcome new members and will resume our regular schedule of meeting on the 2nd Thursday evening of each month in September, 1999. We’ll see you there!

Did you know...

NBCA Board, and Committee Chairs

Sally Silver *                261-7854
Kay Beynart *                 252-4258
Bob Young *                    255-1315
John Mullinax *               255-4775
Kevin McCauley *           531-0006
Neighborhood Markers
Carol Cahill *                 303-7959
Newsletter Ad Sales
Deb-C McGuire                233-0542
Treasurer/Web Site
Gordon Certain *             231-1192
Street Captains
Dabney Daniel               814-1921
Maxine Rock                    252-9249
Secretary/Social Events
Dari Dollar *                 231-5137
George Ingols *              257-1322
Charles Taylor *               237-7444
* = Board Volunteer Coordinator
Waldtraut Lavroff *      233-1355
Acey Thompson                 816-2334

Note: The NBCA Board meets on the second Monday of each month. Board meetings are held at 7:00 PM in Ro7om 106 at St. James Methodist Church on Peachtree Dunwoody at Loridans. Board meetings are open to the public. Note: The NBCA Board meets on the second Monday of each month. Board meetings are held at 7:00 PM in Ro7om 106 at St. James Methodist Church on Peachtree Dunwoody at Loridans. Board meetings are open to the public. Note: The NBCA Board meets on the second Monday of each month. Board meetings are held at 7:00 PM in Ro7om 106 at St. James Methodist Church on Peachtree Dunwoody at Loridans. Board meetings are open to the public. Note: The NBCA Board meets on the second Monday of each month. Board meetings are held at 7:00 PM in Ro7om 106 at St. James Methodist Church on Peachtree Dunwoody at Loridans. Board meetings are open to the public. Note: The NBCA Board meets on the second Monday of each month. Board meetings are held at 7:00 PM in Ro7om 106 at St. James Methodist Church on Peachtree Dunwoody at Loridans. Board meetings are open to the public. Note: The NBCA Board meets on the second Monday of each month. Board meetings are held at 7:00 PM in Ro7om 106 at St. James Methodist Church on Peachtree Dunwoody at Loridans. Board meetings are open to the public.

Peachtree Gardens Issues Unresolved

Efforts continue to assure proper development of the 15-home Peachtree Gardens subdivision on North ivy and Mountain Drive. The NBCA’s position is to protect the neighborhoods’ interests. We are determined to bring this matter to a satisfactory conclusion soon and we thank you for your continued support.

Here’s a summary of recent events:

NBCA Volunteer Coordinator Position Established
NBCA Volunteer Coordinator Position Established
by: Waldraut Lavroff

Recently I asked a board member of the NBCA why no-one seemed to follow up on the data for volunteer activities which are always asked for on membership applications. Apparently many of you were asking similar questions. Because within a few days I was approached to run for a newly created board position 'Volunteer Coordinator'. I had stuck my foot into it!! I agreed to give it a try.

So here I am asking the membership to join me in a process of community building. Gordon Certain, our able webmaster, has prepared a database of the information which you have submitted about your interests to do volunteer work with our neighborhood association. We have a lot of untapped talent among us!

As soon as area coordinators from the board let me know their need for volunteers I shall contact those of you who have expressed interest in becoming involved. But if you have ideas for projects that YOU would like to see us undertake, please let me know. I will take your ideas to the board.

My intention is to let our combined efforts benefit our community so that our neighborhood will be safe and pleasant to live in. You may reach me by phone at (404) 233-1355 or by email at waldas@mindspring.com. I hope to meet many of you in person.

Names in the news
by: Natalie Spalding

Spring has arrived and our neighborhood is looking especially beautiful. It seems that the North Buckhead neighbors are going to great lengths to make their houses and yards more attractive than ever. Gail and Mark Blumberg have been busy getting their house on N Ivy ready for the Sarah Smith Tour of Renovated Homes. Russell and Tracy Hippe have almost completed the renovation of their home on Glengary Drive and it looks great. I love the new fence installed by Chris and Danielle Patterson. It really accentuates what a lovely yard they have on North Ivy.

Donnie and Erin Outz hope to be moving back into their renovated house on Stovall Boulevard soon. Hopefully, they will be in before their new baby arrives!

More and more North Buckhead residents are renovating their homes because no one wants to leave this great area! And those who move don’t go far! Jill and Tom Sabulis and their children, Patricia and Sam, moved from North Ivy to North Stratford. Moving into their old house are Kay and Rich Flierl and their daughter, Kalyn. The Flierl family is from Colorado. Lynda Long and her five-year old daughter, Meaghan, moved into Tony and Sally Perez’s house at the corner of North Ivy and Wieuca.

Beverly and Amy Lance of North Stratford are moving across the street to a lovely home they bought from Edward and Grafton Lamb. The Lambs and their daughters moved to the Riverside area and I understand they miss the old neighborhood!

Amy Lance has been the catalyst behind the renovation of Chastain Stables. Kim Killebrew of Buff Drive has also been involved in this project and says this will provide a great opportunity for the neighborhood children to take riding lessons. Many of our young residents are involved in spring sports activities, including soccer. I saw Reggie and Natalie Colbert’s son all decked out in his baseball gear. Elizabeth Patterson, Alex Neill and Sidney Blumberg all playing for the Sapphire soccer team. Their proud parents are Robert and Susan Patterson and Marc and Gail Blumberg of North Ivy and Rich and Diane Neill of North Stratford. A lot of the neighborhood runners are training for the Peachtree. Let me know if you are running the race this year.

Robin and Peter Allison of North Ivy took their two children, Cameron and Graham to Italy in February, where they stayed in a castle and a vineyard. The boys are four and one, so this was quite an adventure for them and their parents! Gary and Neacha Waldron of Peachtree Dunwoody took three of their five children to France for an Easter holiday!

Beth and Matthew Anthony have an addition to their growing family — a third son named Mason.

Don’t forget to call me at 404-231-0646 with news about your family and neighbors.

Newsletter Staff


North Buckhead 1998 Traffic Volume

If you thought North Buckhead traffic was getting worse, you were right. As shown below, daily North Buckhead traffic volume exceeds 1/4 million cars a day.

Major North Buckhead Streets & Intersections

Per Day

Peachtree at Buckhead Loop 49,750
Peachtree-Dunwoody at Loridans 9,700
Piedmont at Habersham 36,758
Roswell at Chastain Square 29,517
Wieuca at Whittington 13,805
Subtotal: Surface Streets 139,530
GA 400 at Loridans 112,634
North Buckhead Daily Total 252,164

Source: Georgia DOT

New "Street Captains" needed

Have you seen Neighborhood Watch signs on your street and wondered who watches? The answer is a few good citizens. The emphasis is on a "few".

The NBCA is lending a hand. Street Captains, in tandem with Neighborhood Watch volunteers, keep eyes and ears open for crime, speeding traffic, sewer/storm water overflows, unauthorized development, and other neighborhood concerns.

Street Captains make a difference in energizing our community. We can be much more effective in answering neighbor’s concerns if we have large numbers of people to call on for support.

We also want to work in concert with other larger Civic Associations and we need leader/representatives to be the "ears" of the NBCA. We can do a better job if more people would volunteer as Street Captains. We need several people on each street. Won’t you join us? Call Dabney Daniel at 404-814-1921 for more information.

Neighborhood Baby Sitters

Rachael McGehee (age 13 & 1/2) and Katie McGehee (age 15 & 1/2) are ready, willing and able to sit with the wee ones. Call 404-237-9826.

Jessica Certain (age 12 & 1/2) has been trained by Scottish Rite/YMCA in baby sitting and is willing to sit for neighbors near North Ivy. Call 404-231-1192.