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Underline Sunday, May 17, on your calendar and start making plans now to attend the annual outdoor neighborhood spring party, sponsored by the North Buckhead Civic Association.

Everybody in our North Buckhead neighborhood is invited. You don't have to be a dues-paying member of the NBCA to attend (although we hope you will join). It will be a family affair, as usual, so bring the kids, too. They will enjoy the clown, who will be part of the entertainment.

Plans also are being made for music, either a small band or a guitarist. There will be plenty of picnic-type food perhaps hot-dogs and hamburgers, and liquid refreshments.

This year the party will be held at the same location as our 1997 fling, on Mountain Drive. With police permission we will block off a portion of this lightly-traveled street between North Ivy Rd. and Arden Way The fun starts at 4 p.m. and will wind up around 8 p.m. In case we're rained out, we'll do it on Sunday, June 7.

Bruce Patterson of Wieuca Rd., a member of the NBCA's board and its membership chairman, is heading up plans for this spring fling, with has become an annual event.

Of interest to the children, in addition to the clown, will be a shiny red city fire truck, manned by firemen who will talk about fire safety.

There will be no need to bring anything except yourself and something to sit on. Everyone who can bring extra chairs or benches is urged to do so.

Volunteers to put the finishing touches on this get together, especially anyone proficient at organizing games or entertainment for children, are needed. If you can help, please call Bruce at 404-237-4523.
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There is never a shortage of issues or interests in our fair neighborhood. Something is always "going on",

always folks who agree or agree to disagree depending on the topic. Being involved in neighborhood concerns is important to me and I am grateful to be able to take part in the issues of importance to our community.

North Buckhead consist of approximately 1800-2000 households, and is the largest civic association in the city of Atlanta. The boundaries of North Buckhead are Peachtree Road to the south, Peachtree-Dunwoody

Road to the east, the city limits to the north and Piedmont and Roswell Roads to the west. Herein lies one of the issues that is, or should be, of concern to each and every one of us. How many neighbors within

North Buckhead do you know? Sure, most of us are acquainted with a few folks on our own block, but do we know anyone that lives on the "other side" of the neighborhood? Who is on the Board of Directors for the association? What types of committees and clubs do we have in the NBCA? Just what does the NBCA do?

The Board of Directors meets the first Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Sarah Smith Elementary School. We welcome attendance by members of the neighborhood and you are always welcome to call me with your questions and ideas. (404)261-7854 Better still, come to the NBCA Spring Party, Sunday, May 17, 1998, 4 - 8 P.M., on Mountain Drive. There will be music, food, fun, frolic and an excellent. chance to meet and greet Board Members and neighbors from each of the four corners of our great community. I look forward to seeing you there.

Sally Silver
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It's official. The North Buckhead Civic Association now has its own WEB address. It is Anyone with a computer who has access to the Internet can now connect with our WEB site and leave messages, ask questions, make comments or suggestions. There is a page devoted to the history of North Buckhead Some information is already available on this page and more will be added in the future – such as the origins of street names, the oldest home in North Buckhead, and info about an old mill that once existed on Wieuca Road.

The NBCA is indebted to John Mullinax (McClatchey Circle) and Gordon Certain (North Ivy Rd.) for creating this WEB site and gathering the information that is now just a click away.

In addition to the history page, there is a sponsoring page listing advertisers who are helping to pay for the site, a guest book page that displays all messages left by the neighborhood and a dues form that you can print off, fill out and mail in. email also can be sent to the site.

The NBCA site provides links to other sites for helpful information about local restaurants, local, state and federal government agencies, NBCA board meeting dates, officers, committees and their meeting dates and information about neighborhood parties and other social events.  Checking the site can keep you updated on neighborhood safety issues and zoning matters. The Zone 2 burglary report is provided, along with a recap of the latest NBCA newsletter. Past issues of the newsletter are maintained on an archive page.

Thanks to Jackie Goodman, our social chairperson and secretary, for providing financing for this WEB site. If anyone is interested in becoming a site sponsor please visit the site for additional information.

The North Buckhead neighborhood is invited to visit the NBCA site often and your comments, which you can leave on the guest book page, are invited. Especially on the history page, we are soliciting information about specific neighborhood background – street names, old farms, estates and historical events.
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Residential development continues to dominate zoning activity in North Buckhead.


At the April 13 meeting of the North Buckhead zoning committee, an application was presented for a new subdivision on North Ivy Road with 18 houses on approximately 8 acres. The site is known "Peachtree Gardens." A large number of neighbors attended to express their concerns about wetlands and stream protection, runoff and flooding, potential tree loss and increased traffic.

Over the years, several developers have considered projects for this location, but have not proceeded because of the hydrological challenge.  The developer, Louis Reynaud and his engineer, Mark Sapp, described their proposal to the committee and the neighborhood. The homes would be from 3500 to 3800 square feet and sell in the $650,000 range and would be similar to Brookhaven Registry on Peachtree Dunwoody. There would be a 25 foot undisturbed buffer along the stream (as mandated by state law). It was stated that there is no legally designated flood plain and that an application has been submitted but not yet approved, for a permit from the U.S. Corps of Engineers as required because of a small area of jurisdictional wetlands. A tree preservation plan is being prepared.

Although the zoning committee recommended approval of the site layout of the project, there was strong concurrence with the serious concerns expressed by the neighborhood regarding several environmental issues, particularly the floodplain, wetlands and the preservation of trees. In later discussions with the city, additional issues have been raised and the concerns of the neighborhood have been reported. These concerns will be considered and addressed by the city in making a decision whether to approve this proposal.

This proposal was presented to the NPU B Zoning Committee on April 28th and will go to the full NPU on May 4. It is scheduled to go before the city's Subdivision Committee on May 13 at 10:00 a.m. in the Conference Room of the Bureau of Planning at City Hall, Suite 3350. The public may attend. To confirm this date, call the Bureau of Planning at 404-330-6145. The case number is SD-98-12. Comments in writing may be sent to Melora Furman, Bureau of Planning, Atlanta City Hall, 55 Trinity Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30335.

If the subdivision is approved by the city, a committee of adjacent neighbors will be organized to facilitate communication with the developer on issues of concern. If you are interested, please call Pat Stern at 404-262-3772 or Jan Hume at 404-231-0879.

Co-chairs of the Zoning Committee are Kay Beynart (404-252-4258) and Bob Young (404-255 -1315).
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New homes are under construction at Olde Wieuca Mill off Wieuca which is approved for 12 new residences

under a PDH (Planned Development-Housing) zoning classification. An application has been made to expand this PDH. Your Committee is vigorously opposing the development density being sought under that application and has taken a strong position against further PDH zoning in our community. PDH has some positive characteristics when used carefully but much caution is required since it is exempt from almost all of the safeguards incorporated into R-3 zoning. The general issue of PDH zoning will be addressed in a future newsletter.

Several subdivisions are underway or under consideration for North Buckhead. A subdivision with R-3 zoning retains almost all of the positive characteristics of straight R-3 and this approach for property assemblages is much preferred over PDH.

Under the City of Atlanta Zoning Ordinance, a subdivision must be consistent with the current zoning of a neighborhood and therefore does not require a rezoning. North Buckhead is zoned R-3 which requires a minimum lot size of 18,000 square feet. The street frontage must be no less than 100 feet, the side yard set-back no less than 10 feet each side and the rear yard set-back no less than 20 feet. The front yard setback must be no less than 50 feet.

In order to be approved, a proposed subdivision must conform to a lengthy list of technical criteria. Although not legally required by the subdivision ordinance, the city requests that an applicant make a presentation to the neighborhood and the NPU for review and comment. Any concerns are forwarded to the City Subdivision Committee which is made up of representatives from several city agencies including planning, Public Works, and Transportation as well as the city arborist. This committee reviews each proposed subdivision. If all requirements are met and environmental concerns are adequately addressed, the application is approved administratively. Subdivision applications do not go to the City Council.

Road construction has started for a new subdivision of 7 homes on Loridans Drive.

Applications have been made for a 15 home subdivision on Peachtree Dunwoody (across from Calvert Lane) and a 18 home subdivision on North Ivy ("Peachtree Gardens"). See related story.
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A new municipal program that allows a properly trained and authorized neighborhood deputy to warn and then, if necessary, cite property owners for housing code violations is now in effect in North Buckhead and throughout the city.

Jean Delusio of Wieuca Road and Judy Houser, also of Wieuca Road are the deputies for the North Buckhead Civic Association area. They were appointed by Richard Farnsworth, president of Neighborhood Planning Unit B. The NBCA was permitted two deputies because it is the largest civic association in the city.

The deputies will operate under the authority of the city's Bureau of Neighborhood Conservation after undergoing an orientation and training program.  Coming under the watchful eye of the deputies will be such infractions as zoning violations, trash, overgrown yards and illegally parked cars.

Your civic association also is working on the formation of a Tree Replacement Committee whose main purpose will be to keep our community as green as possible, prevent the unnecessary loss of trees through development and possibly to replant trees that are destroyed or are lost through disease.
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The May 18 regular monthly board meeting of the North Buckhead Civic Association will be held at 7:30 p.m. at 3962 Wieuca Road instead of at the regular meeting place, Sarah Smith School. Board members please take note.
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Zone 2 police say that at least five residential burglaries, two thefts and one street assault occurred in our North Buckhead neighborhood during the January - February reporting period.

Bart Duncan, the NBCA's security coordinator with the Atlanta Police Department, said 14 larcenies, house break-ins and one street assault occurred in Zone 203 but that seven of these were in communities bordering our neighborhood.

The two thefts occurred on Peachtree-Dunwoody and West Wieuca Roads. Of the five house burglaries, two were reported on Peachtree-Dunwoody, two on Whittington Drive within five days of each other, and one on Wieuca Road.

The single street assault, a crime seldom occurring in this area, happened on Land O' Lakes Drive and involved a policeman being struck, according to the police report. No other details were provided by police.

During the previous two-month period, November - December, 18 larcenies, house break-ins and property damage incidents were reported in our North Buckhead area. Actually, two other house break-ins occurred in our neighborhood that were incorrectly listed by police as happening in another police zone. Both of these burglaries occurred on Feb. 25 late in the morning at homes on Valley Green Drive. Unofficial and unconfirmed reports by two residents of the area said these burglars were chased down by neighbors and most of the stolen items recovered. Police were called and two of the three involved were arrested.

Despite these incidents, North Buckhead comes off looking good compared to other police zones with only the northwest area reporting fewer crimes. For instance, Zone 204 (Peachtree Hills) reported 27 larcenies, 8 burglaries and 15 street assaults in the same period.

In the Buckhead East area, Zone 295 (Shadowlawn, Pharr Road and Piedmont) there were 38 larcenies, 7 residential burglaries and 25 street assaults.

Zone 206 (Howell Mill, Collier Hills) reported 18 larcenies, 11 break-ins and 6 street assaults.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Police reports of the number of crimes in a given area are not always accurate.  Lost or misplaced records may result in some incidents not being included in the totals.
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Our thanks to artist Craig Adams, Longleaf Drive, for designing the NBCA mailbox sticker which is showing up on more and more mailboxes in our neighborhood. Craig also is working on an appropriate letterhead for the association's stationery.
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As a neighborhood service, this newsletter will publish free of charge the names and phone numbers of our teenagers who are available for baby sitting, cutting grass, pet sitting or other types of small jobs. Send your name, address and phone number, along with a description of what work you will do and your charge, to the NBCA P.O. Box address listed in the masthead of this newsletter, attention news editor.
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Our newsletter reaches approximately 1800 to 2000 residents of the North Buckhead area. Our ad rates are reasonable and readers are urged to support our advertisers. For information on rates please call Deb-C McGuire at 404-233-0542.
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Richard Franklin of the city's Bureau of Traffic and Transportation says the promised sidewalks on Wieuca and Old Ivy Roads will be built in 1998.

According to Franklin, the sidewalk on Wieuca from Peachtree to the 400 Highway will be constructed first, followed later in the year by construction of the Wieuca sidewalk from 400 to Roswell Road and the Old Ivy Road sidewalk. 
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Click "Fence Talk" for some interactive communication methods.

Following is a listing of NBCA officers and board members:

Sally Silver, President, 4093 Statewood Rd., 404-261-7854
Jackie Goodman, Secretary, 468 Loridans Dr., 404-252-6669
Dari Dollar, Treasurer, 4475 Glengary Dr., 404-231-5137
Kay Beynart, Zoning Co-chair, 4135 McClatchey Cir., 404-252-4258.
Bob Young, Zoning Co-chair, newsletter distribution, 400 Pinecrest Rd., 404-255-1315
John Mullinax, Zoning & Web Page, 4231 McClatchey Cir., 404-255-4775.
George Ingols, Zoning, NPU-B, 4210 Beverly Lane, 404-257-1322
Patti Brennan, Fund-raising, 4258 Glengary Dr., 404-231-4001
Carol Cahill, Neighborhood Markers, 4421 Tree Haven Dr., 404-303-7959
Gordon Certain, Web Page, 5110 North Ivy Rd., 404-231-1 192
Bill Dickson, 4050 North Ivy Rd., 404-816-2259
Bill Hauser, Sidewalks, 3952 Wieuca Rd., 404-233-0750
Judy Hauser, Safety/Traffic, 3952 Wieuca Rd., 404-233-0750
Bruce Patterson, Membership 3962 Wieuca M., 404-237-4523
Charles Taylor, Newsletter Editor, 4061 North Ivy Rd., 404 237-7444
Deb-C McGuire is our Advertising Representative.

To place an ad in our newsletter, call her at 404-233-0542. The NBCA newsletter is published every quarter and is distributed primarily by volunteers. If you have suggestions or ideas for items you would like to see in the newsletter or if you are interested in volunteering your services, please get in touch with us by phone, through our WEB site address: or writing us at North Buckhead Civic Association, P.O. Box 420391, Atlanta, Ga. 30342-0391.
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Is there any interest in our community about contracting for a paid, professional security patrol? The cost of such a patrol, which usually involves hiring off-duty police officers, could run to about $100 a month per household. But that cost would depend, of course, on the number of families that would sign up to support the patrol. If you are interested in discussing this idea or heading up a committee of neighbors to look into a possible patrol, write to this newsletter at the address in the masthead, contact the NBCA via its WEB site or call one of the NBCA officers or board members whose names and phone numbers are listed elsewhere in this newsletter.
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Construction is scheduled to start this month (May) on a $3 million sewer line being built to accommodate booming commercial development on the Buckhead Loop.  The sewer line, officially known as the North Stratford Road Outfall Sewer, will extend from Phipps Plaza to Nancy Creek at Roswell Road, where it will connect onto another line to the R.M. Clayton treatment plant. Developers are putting up 81.2 million of the cost.

The new 24-30 inch line will replace an old, deteriorating 8 1/2 inch line. It will follow the route of the old sewer which was constructed about 50 years ago.    John Lavelle of Smith Realty Services, a project consultant, said the work needs to be finished by September 1999.

Owners of properly through which the sewer line will pass have been contacted to discuss compensation for the necessary easements. Cost of the easements will amount to "several hundred thousand dollars" according to Lavelle. About 25-30 parcels of land and 18-20 property owners are involved.

During construction, Lake Moore and Roswell Road will be blocked off to all but local traffic, Lavelle said. Properties through which the line will pass include some residences on Ivy, Old Ivy, Whittington, Lake Moore and Emma Lane. For the most part, the construction will pass through the rear of most properties, Lavelle said, and in no case will the line go under a residence.

Construction in the residential area probably will not begin until September 1998, according to Lavelle, depth of the line will vary from 5 to 20 feet.  Lavelle said landscaping concerns and storm water runoff that could overtax the sewer line appeared to be on the minds of most of the property owners.

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(Compiled By Jackie Goodman, Re/Max of Buckhead, 404-288-4633)

Home values in the North Buckhead area continue to appreciate. Jackie Goodman of Re/Max of Buckhead had this to say about the real estate market:

"Based on low interest rates and the continuing demand for housing close in to the city, prices in our neighborhood continue their upward spiral, and sales continue to be brisk."

515 Old Ivy Rd. $469,500 386 Allison Dr. $283,660
481 Ivy Park Lane 429,000 4062 North Ivy Rd.  258,000
4437 Wieuca Rd. 363,057 84 Old Ivy Rd.  252,500
4181 Carmain Dr. 359,000 381 Allison Dr. 244,000
4268 Glengary Dr. 355,000 3937 Sheldon Dr. 217,700
3905 Wieuca Rd. 310,000 4252 Rickenbacker Way 215,000
3833 Wieuca Terrace 302,250 4290 Rickenbacker Way 211,500
741 Loridans Dr. 292,900 4516 Wieuca Rd. 203,000
3955 North Ivy Rd.  284,500 4163 Carmain Dr. 198,000

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