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Baby Sitters Available

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North Buckhead

NORTH BUCKHEAD CIVIC ASSOCIATION . PO Box 420391 . Atlanta, GA 30342-0391

Charles S. Taylor, Editor . 404-237-7444 .

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Cluster Home Spot Rezonings Pose Danger To Neighborhood

Our North Buckhead Civic Association over the years has fought many legal and political battles in a never-ending effort to preserve the integrity of our residential streets and green spaces.

Those battles included the 400 road fight and the current strugg1e to keep commercial development on the Loop from penetrating our living area. Now, some developers, eyeing North Buckhead's large lots, see a chance to make a lot of money by buying a few contiguous lots and applying for a rezoning to allow cluster homes.

Many residents are becoming very concerned that the character of our neighborhood is changing because of the recent spate of these assemblages and proposed assemblages.

North Buckhead is zoned R-3 which requires a minimum lot size of 18,000 square feet, or slightly fewer than three houses to the acre. The average lot size is actually 27,000 square feet, so under the current zoning, new subdivisions contain houses which are de facto on smaller lots than the neighborhood average. A PDH (Planned Development Housing), which, unlike an application for a subdivision, is a rezoning, allows houses on even smaller lots because houses can be clustered around common areas.

The civic association board is initiating a preliminary survey of some of the neighborhood to find out if there is any interest in down zoning from R-3 (18,000 square feet minimum lot size) to R-2A (30,000 square feet minimum).

A requirement for larger lots would help maintain the current historic pattern of the neighborhood. A number of homeowners on a portion of North Stratford will receive a survey form in the near future to determine if there is an interest in down zoning . If this small sampling indicates an interest, a larger survey will be taken. If there is a significant response, a neighborhood meeting will be held to discuss the process of down zoning.

Sally Silver

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Peachtree Gardens Building

The issue of preservation of the Peachtree Gardens building will be on the agenda of the NBCA Zoning Committee on Monday, September 14, at 7:30 P.M. in the Sarah Smith Elementary School Music Room. I encourage all residents to attend, especially those neighbors most impacted. We want all voices to be heard.

Sally Silver, President NBCA

Residential development continues to dominate zoning activity in North Buckhead.

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If you have problems with city services or getting in touch with the right city personnel, try calling Marsha Brinkley, who is the mayor's community resource specialist. Her phone number is 404-330-6090. It won't take but a minute and it may be worth your while.

Here's a couple of hot line numbers: street light out 404-325-4001; graffiti blaster 404-865-8500.

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Some NBCA board members visited our neighborhood fire station behind Phipps Plaza to see if the firemen were in need of items to make their long hours on duty more comfortable.

They came away with a wish list that included the following: a washer and dryer, framed pictures or artwork, glasses, dishes, flatware, kitchen utensils, towels, wash cloths, chairs, desks, lamps, tables and wall clocks.

They would welcome any donated items but you may want to call them first at 404-848-7212 or 7211 to ask if your donated item is still on the wish list.

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Volunteers Set Up Watch Over Little Nancy Creek

Little Nancy Creek, a meandering, gentle stream populated by small fish, frogs, turtles and salamanders has gained a good friend whose goal is to preserve and protect it.

The friend is the Little Nancy Creek Watershed Watch, a volunteer group of your neighbors who last month began a chemical and biological monitoring of the stream. Volunteers are needed to help with the watch's ongoing program.

"Our goal is to raise community awareness about the state of Little Nancy Creek and most importantly to find ways we as a community can preserve and protect it," said Kevin McCauley of Chateaugay Lane, who heads up the watch group.

The Little Nancy Creek Watershed Watch is sponsored by the North Buckhead Civic Association. It is a registered member of the Georgia Adopt-a-Stream program under the guidance of the Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper.

McCauley said Little Nancy Creek probably is contaminated to some degree but is better off than most other streams because there is not as much rain runoff. Little Nancy runs from the lake at Capital City Club through North Buckhead, eventually emptying into Nancy Creek near the intersection of Wieuca and West Wieuca roads.

The watch group will conduct visual surveys and chemical monitoring each month along selected points on Little Nancy Creek to gather data on short and long term changes. In addition, it will conduct quarterly biological monitoring to get counts of the number and diversity of organisms that live in the stream.

The next chemical and biological monitoring will be conducted on Sept. 19 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the corner of North Ivy Road and Mountain Way. For further information or to volunteer, contact McCauley at 404-531-0006. Also, go to the NBCA Web site, for a detailed monitoring schedule.

Fish Kill on Nancy Creek

A fish kill occurred on Little Nancy Creek around Aug. 21-22. The kill was discovered as volunteers were conducting chemical and biological monitoring up the stream. Cause of the kills unknown at this time.

Kevin McCauley who heads up the Little Nancy Creek Watershed Watch, said dead fish were found from the North Stratford bridge all the way downstream to the point where Little Nancy empties into Nancy Creek.Residents of the area are being asked to watch for anyone dumping anything into the creek.

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Home and Garden Club Sets First Fall Meeting

A new season is approaching and with it comes the first fall meeting of the North Buckhead Home and Garden Club. The club's new president, Gaylen Baxter, says the first meeting of the 1998-99 year is set for Sept. 10 at 7: I5 p.m. at her home, 399 Herrington Drive.

The club is open to everyone who lives in North Buckhead and is a casual group that meets monthly from September through May. "Our focus is on fellowship and learning about topics related to homes and gardens. We are anxious to recruit new members and to encourage less active members to come back.

"The September 10 meeting will be devoted to socializing and catching up with friends and neighbors we haven't seen over the summer," Ms. Baxter said. There also will be a brief business meeting..

The club generally meets the second Thursday evening of each month at a member's home. It sponsors a Christmas party and a May Day party.

"If you are new to the neighborhood or have never attended a garden club meeting before, be sure to join us on Sept. 10. If you are already a member, please come and bring a friend."

Questions? Call Gaylen Baxter at 404-257-1832. You will also find information regarding the garden club, its officers and schedule if you visit the NBCA web site at
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The two-acre lot and home that Bill Cummings and his family own on Carmain Drive has an amenity that some can only dream about - a soothing, natural waterfall out back. A small creek that flows over the edge of a long-abandoned rock quarry provides the waterfall. On cool nights "when we open our bedroom windows, we can hear the trickle of the water," says Cummings.

Cummings' father bought several lots on Carmain in 1953, land Cummings says was part of a dairy farm. A watering trough for the cows once occupied a site near the street. The quarrying was done on a hillside that left a drop-off of about 40 feet. Creek water flowing over the edge drops into a shallow pool and continues downhill to Little Nancy Creek on North Ivy Road.

Ed Moulthrop, Cummings' neighbor, says the rock that was quarried at the site was brownish in color and probably was sandstone, a crude kind of rock that might have been used in road construction. The Moulthrops have been living on Carmain Drive for 55 years and bought their home - a farmhouse and three acres - from the Carmain family, for whom the street is named.

At that time, it was the only house on the street, Moulthrop said. The street was a dirt road, no curbs, and the closest way out was via Peachtree Dunwoody Road.

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It used to be that people could leave outgoing mail in their mailboxes with the flag up and the mail person would pick it up. That is no longer a good idea, according to Atlanta police.

At a recent meeting of neighborhood association representatives with Zone 2 police, police spokesmen said thieves are targeting neighborhood mailboxes, particularly those where the flag is up, indicating to post office personnel that mail is inside ready for pickup. What thieves are looking for, of course, is money or checks. The checks can be altered and the account number used to gain access to your funds.

It is far better, police say, to deposit your mail in a mailbox or take it to the post office. Another suggestion: If you're out working in the yard and there is no one else in the house, keep you doors locked.

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Jean Delusio and Judy Houser, both of Wieuca Road, have completed their training by the city and are now officially neighborhood deputies for the North Buckhead area. The deputies are serving under the authority of the city's Bureau of Neighborhood Conservation and will be keeping an eye on such infractions as zoning violations and trash. The person to contact at City Hall for zoning information or to report violations is Leslie Etti-Williams at 404-330-6175.

Parking cars in a front yard is not permitted and could lead to a zoning violation citation. Residents also are reminded that trash containers should be set out by the street by 7 p.m. the night before the pickup and removed from the curb by 7 p.m. the day the trash is taken.

The city will not pick up some items, such as auto tires, and residents must make other arrangements for proper disposal.

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The NBCA's John Mullinax is catching up on the task of mailing out mailbox membership stickers to those who have paid their dues. Many people paid their 1997-98 dues but never received a mailbox sticker. John recently mailed out those stickers and included a letter apologizing for the lateness.

He also mailed new 1998-99 stickers to 152 members. "We have gotten current with sending out mailbox stickers to members," says Mullinax. Thanks letters have gone out to those signing up. One member sent in a $100 check and another $50.

The NBCA is making a concerted effort to build up its membership which now stands at about 18 percent of the more than 1,700 residences in the area.

Visit your association's Web site at and select membership to see how well your street is represented.

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NAMES IN THE NEWS   By Natalie Spalding

This is a people column we decided to add to the newsletter to keep you up to date with what's going on in the neighborhood. It will be about new babies, new neighbors, great trips you have taken, marriages, graduations, new jobs, new pets, any little tidbits of news about your daily lives that you may want to share. Please call me at 404-231-0646 with any news about yourself or your family.

Several families within our area have recently moved but only around the corner, so to speak. Chris, Kim, Austin and Alex Killebrew have moved from Carmain to Buff Drive; Bill, Jenna, Callen and Addie Olsen moved from North Ivy Road to Valley Green; and Beth, Dean and Will Otto to Land O' Lakes Drive from North Ivy.

New neighbors on North Ivy include Lanny Linn, Jina and Jim Coker; Ashley Parker; Tom and Cindy Meade and their three children, who moved from Peachtree Park; and Deepesh Misra.

New to Wieuca Terrace are Vicky Case and Wayne, Davey and Anne Von Schlegell-Davey. You've probably seen Anne walking with their cute golden retriever, Martha.

Kent Mason moved to Wieuca Terrace one day before a storm blew a tree into his new house. Kent is engaged to Lisa Kelly and they will be married in October.

Celebrating a fabulous wedding and honeymoon to Bermuda in June were Michael and Lisa Mallady of Arden Way.

Congratulations to Amber Roegner, daughter of Pat and Russ Roegner of Mountain Drive. Amber was valedictorian of her class at Pace Academy and will be attending Yale University this fall. Amber is a neighborhood runner and that training paid off. She was third in the state cross country meet and second in the 3200 meter race at the state track meet.

Some North Buckhead neighbors who ran in the Peachtree Road Race were Kate and Marilyn Mollenkamp and Jane Gilmore and her son Zach Greenamyre, all of Stovall Boulevard; Todd and Drea Thomas of North Stratford; Carol Cobble and Natalie Spalding of North Ivy; and Nancy Wylie of Peachtree Dunwoody Road.

Later that night many neighbors gathered at the top of Glengary Drive to watch the fireworks at Lenox Square. Seen in the crowd were Pattie and Ciaran Brennan and Rick and Jeanne Ross and their children and Jeff Hersh with his three adopted greyhounds.

The large, curly black dog you have seen walking with his owners, Tony, Sally and Elizabeth Perez of Wieuca Road is not just another pretty face. He s a Kirby, a prize-winning Portuguese Water Dog with many wins on the summer dog show circuit.

Gale Blumberg of North Ivy and Kim Killebrew were in charge of Vacation Bible School at Peachtree Presbyterian. Kim is now involved with the renovations at Chastain Stables.

Jean Culver of Arden Way spent two weeks traveling by boat and train through Alaska. Lauren, Elizabeth and Susan Pawlin visited relatives in Connecticut. Debbie and John Edwards of North Ivy visited friends in Ontario, Canada. Neil Kalin of Wieuca Terrace went to Amsterdam to play tennis. His niece, Ivy, spent July Fourth in New York. Madeleine Webb, daughter of Gilbert and Suzy Webb of Mountain Drive, spent three weeks at Gwynn Valley Camp in North Carolina . Ann and Dan Wilson of North Ivy and son Jimmy visited another son, Danny, in London. Tom and Lori Hicks of Ivy Road have a new baby, Mary Miley. Her older brother is Thomas.

Have a great fall! Hope to see you around the neighborhood. And call me with your news!

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Click "Fence Talk" for some interactive communication methods.

Following is a listing of NBCA officers and board members:

Sally Silver, President, 4093 Statewood Rd., 404-261-7854
Jackie Goodman, 468 Loridans Dr., 404-252-6669
Dari Dollar, Treasurer, 4475 Glengary Dr., 404-231-5137
Kay Beynart, Zoning Co-chair, 4135 McClatchey Cir., 404-252-4258.
Bob Young, Zoning Co-chair, newsletter distribution, 400 Pinecrest Rd., 404-255-1315
John Mullinax, Zoning,Web Page, Membership Records, 4231 McClatchey Cir., 404-255-4775.
George Ingols, Zoning, NPU-B, 4210 Beverly Lane, 404-257-1322
Carol Cahill, Neighborhood Markers, 4421 Tree Haven Dr., 404-303-7959
Gordon Certain, Web Page, Vice-Treasurer, 5110 North Ivy Rd., 404-231-1192
Bill Dickson, 4050 North Ivy Rd., 404-816-2259
Judy Hauser, Safety/Traffic, 3952 Wieuca Rd., 404-233-0750
Bruce Patterson, Membership 3962 Wieuca M., 404-237-4523
Charles Taylor, Newsletter Editor, 4061 North Ivy Rd., 404 237-7444
Deb-C McGuire is our Advertising Representative.
To place an ad in our newsletter, call her at 404-233-0542.

The NBCA newsletter is published every quarter and is distributed primarily by volunteers. If you have suggestions or ideas for items you would like to see in the newsletter or if you are interested in volunteering your services, please get in touch with us by phone, through our WEB site address: or writing us at North Buckhead Civic Association, P.O. Box 420391, Atlanta, Ga. 30342-0391.

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Following is a list of representative home sales in the North Buckhead area since last May. These sales were included in First Multiple Listing Service data and were compiled by real estate agent Natalie Spalding:

515 Old Ivy Rd. $469,500 386 Allison Dr. $283,660
481 Ivy Park Lane 429,000 4062 North Ivy Rd.  258,000
4437 Wieuca Rd. 363,057 84 Old Ivy Rd.  252,500
4181 Carmain Dr. 359,000 381 Allison Dr. 244,000
4268 Glengary Dr. 355,000 3937 Sheldon Dr. 217,700
3905 Wieuca Rd. 310,000 4252 Rickenbacker Way 215,000
3833 Wieuca Terrace 302,250 4290 Rickenbacker Way 211,500
741 Loridans Dr. 292,900 4516 Wieuca Rd. 203,000
3955 North Ivy Rd.  284,500 4163 Carmain Dr. 198,000

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For Neighborhood News, Info Check Web Site

Since the North Buckhead Civic Association's Web site ( ) went online last March, its popularity is growing rapidly, judging by the number of visits to the site.

By the middle of August, about 200 people had visited the site and the number of visits is nearing 4,000. The site was set up and is being maintained by John Mullinax of McClatchey Circle and Gordon Certain, North Ivy Road. New features are constantly being added, Gordon reports.

Acey Thompson asked for a traffic page,, to share neighborhood concerns about traffic. Acey plans to convey those concerns to City Hall.

The Sarah Smith Elementary school page has been expanded to include nearby schools. And there now is a link to an external site with a private school listing and tuition prices by grade.

Another addition is an environmental page dealing with tree preservation and restoration and a project to monitor and improve the health of Little Nancy Creek. In its first week, this was the most popular next to the NBCA home page.

A gardening page has been added at the request of North Buckhead Garden Club President Gaylen Baxter..

The site's home page is the most popular. It is updated often to announce news events, zoning and NBCA meetings and other special events.

"Stay informed by checking the current news at the top of the home page." says Gordon.

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As this newsletter was about to go to press, zoning actions were popping up across the North Buckhead community.

A proposal to put 17 cluster homes (PDH) on slightly over seven acres on Wieuca Road near its intersection with Old Ivy has been approved by the city's Zoning Review Board despite overwhelming rejection by the NBCA Zoning Committee and the NPU-B. The City Council Zoning Committee was to vote on this issued on Sept. 1 with the full Council voting on Sept 8.

Neighborhood opposition is based on the contention that the site could be developed as an R-3 subdivision and that rezoning to a PDH allowed for too many houses on lots smaller than the surrounding area, thus changing the character of the neighborhood.

The NBCA's Zoning Committee will hear proposals for a subdivision and a PDH on Ivy Road at Whittington by developers Howard Carson and Paul Hastings, respectively. The meeting will be held Sept. 14, at 6:30 p.m. at St. James United Methodist Church, Room 106.

An application for an expansion of Old Wieuca Mill "cluster" homes, which was overwhelmingly opposed by the civic association and NPU-B will be heard by the Zoning Review Board on Oct. 8 at 6 p.m. in City Council chambers. Attempts to reach a compromise with the developer for a lower density have failed.

An outstanding member of the NBCA Zoning Committee, Lee Agnew, has moved out of the neighborhood. A former board member and 400 road fighter, we thank Lee for her many years of commitment to the North Buckhead Civic Association. We will miss her.

If you would like to attend zoning committee meetings, please call co-chair Kay Beynart at 404-252-4258 for the schedule. Meetings are usually held the Monday before the next to last Tuesday in the month at 6:30 p.m. at St. James United Methodist Church, Room 106.

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Baby Sitters Available

Three young ladies in our neighborhood have notified this newsletter they are ready, willing and able to sit with your wee ones.  They are sisters Christine and Elizabeth Books of Ivy Lane, both 14, telephone 404-266-1935. Their charge is $4 an hour.   Another sitter is Katie McGehee of Peachtree Dunwoody Road, telephone 404-237-9826.

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For over a year this newsletter has carried articles about plans for sidewalks on Wieuca Road and Old Ivy and speed humps on North Ivy. As everyone knows, no construction has taken place.

The latest word is that the Path Foundation will build a sidewalk on Old Ivy. The safety of children going to and from Sarah Smith School is the catalyst here. A Path spokesman said the first section of the Old Ivy sidewalk would be built from the school to Habersham Road. As for Wieuca Road, this newsletter has no information that sidewalk construction is imminent.

Concerning speed humps on North Ivy, advocate Debbie Edwards says the city has told her construction is set for Nov. 30.

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City Seeking Agreements On Sewer Line Easements

The city has reached a monetary agreement with eight of 25 property owners through whose property the new and larger North Stratford sewer line would pass.

John Lavelle of Smith Realty Services, a project consultant, said he hopes easement compensation agreements with all the property owners will be signed by Labor Day.

The $3 million line being built from Phipps Plaza to Nancy Creek will replace a deteriorating smaller line and will serve the growing commercial development along the Buckhead Loop. Developers are putting up $1.2 million of the cost. Work on the line is underway with completion expected by September of 1999.

There have been reports that the project cost in over budget. Levelle said the cost is over original estimates but not over the "real budget." Not all property owners are happy with the city's easement offers. One, Frank Nicholson of Emma Lane, says the city has offered him $500 for trees and $5400 for construction and permanent easements 40 feet wide and 600 feet long, or 24,304 square feet.

Nicholson says the city has paid more for easements for the Utoy Creek sewer. With Buckhead property worth far more than the Utoy Creek land, the city offer to him should have been $39,000, he said.

"It is regrettable that the city makes it so difficult for citizens to cooperate with them on such a vital project by being so unreasonable," Nicholson said. He suggested that affected property owners call him at 404-255-9662.

The 24-30 inch line will pass through property on Ivy, Old Ivy, Whittington, Lake Moore and Emma Lane and will be 5-20 feet below ground.

Meanwhile, Richard Farnsworth, chairman of the Neighborhood Planning Unit-B, says the NPU-B has been assured by city officials that the line will be completed by the end of 1999, in time to serve the Loop development and that if not, certificates of occupancy will not be issued.

Farnsworth had threatened to file a suit to enjoin construction of hotels, office buildings and other enterprises on the Loop if sewer capacity was not in place to handle the greater demand.

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... the businesses that advertise in our newsletter. Their ads help to defray the expenses of this publication and the other activities of your association. Contact Deb-C McGuire at (404) 233-0542.

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