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Join Your Civic Association Now

The number of residents joining the North Buckhead Civic Association is increasing but membership is still less than that of our neighboring associations.

Recent efforts to notify past members that their memberships had expired and mailing the new 1998-99 mailbox stickers to those renewing or just joining has resulted in a membership boost to 20 percent of the neighborhood. But that's far less than membership in the Brookhaven Civic Association, estimated at 50 percent, or Garden Hills, where membership is placed at 80 percent.

Association leaders point out that for the $25 membership fee residents are supporting the NBCA's vigorous defense of the single-family residential character of the neighborhood against ever increasing pressures for higher density and commercial zoning. There is also the NBCA's representation on NPU-B, a city-chartered organization for community review of zoning applications that has led to the forging of many relationships between the association and city officials.

Then there's the association's quarterly newsletter which is distributed to all residents. The NBCA also sponsors social events, most of which are designed for the whole family.

Other NBCA activities include the annual Christmas tree sale offering the best trees at a good price, donations to Sarah Smith School, donations of furniture and other goods to the Phipps fire station, sponsoring tree re-plantings in areas where trees have been cut or have died, sponsoring Little Nancy

Creek monitoring and cleanup, prompting the city for sidewalk construction and traffic calming with installation of speed humps and bike lanes, and setting up a new WEB site ( to keep you informed and to provide information about the neighborhood.

You need to be our next member!!

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Christmas Tree Sale Set For Dec. 5-6

Fresh, fragrant Fraser firs, the kind that make your home look and smell like Christmas, will go on sale Dec. 5-6 at Sarah Smith School, 370 Old Ivy Rd.

The North Buckhead Civic Association has been sponsoring Christmas tree sales for many years, using the proceeds for the benefit of the neighborhood. Last year about 205 trees were sold for a profit of approximately $4,000.

Patti Brennan of Glengary Drive is coordinating the tree sale this year. "Due to popular demand we have increased our order but not our price," she said.

Sale hours will be from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday.

The trees are bought wholesale from Yellow Mountain Farms in North Carolina. They range in height from 7 to 10 feet and taller trees may be custom ordered.

The price on the day of sale will be $50 for 7-8 foot trees and $66 for those 9-10 feet. You can pre-order your tree and get a discount ranging from $4-$6. Those who pre-ordered in past years should receive a flyer. If not, to pre-order please call Patti at 404-231-4001.

Last year, 28 volunteers turned out to help with the two-day sale and volunteers, who also are given discounts, are needed this time around. Those who wish to volunteer should call Gordon Certain at 404-231-1002.

Although regular sales hours are from 1'1 a.m. to 4 p.m., those who pre-order are asked to pick up their trees earlier on Saturday, any time from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

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The North Buckhead Home and Garden Club's annual Christmas party is scheduled for Monday evening, December 21. Those planning to attend are asked to call Club President Gaylen Baxter at 404-257-1832 for the exact time and location.

Everyone who lives in North Buckhead is welcome to join our neighbors for a casual celebration of the season. "This is always a jolly occasion and a great opportunity to check out the garden club. If you are interested in attending, call me," says Ms Baxter.

"The garden club got off to a great start this fall. Thanks to those of you who learned about the club through the NBCA newsletter and have either already joined or expressed an interest in doing so. We have enjoyed several interesting programs already this year.

The club held an initial planning meeting in September. Then, in October, Charlotte Barclay, owner of Barclay's Flower, Art and Tea Garden on West Wieuca Road, spoke to club members and guests about the basics of floral design.

"Our November meeting featured Elizabeth Dean of Wilkerson Mill Gardens (and daughter of North Buckhead residents Martha and Bob Dean) who discussed Buried Treasures: Plants you can grow in your garden to use in your floral arrangements."

After the holiday party, the club will resume its regular schedule of meeting at 7:15 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month. The club is open to everyone who lives in North Buckhead.

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Slow Down Signs

Signs asking motorists to slow down on our neighbor hood streets are now available. If you want one for your yard or street contact Acey Thompson at 3699 Ivy Road or call her at 404-816-2334. Acey had 25 signs made up and two have been distributed. There is a $5 deposit.

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NBCA Needs Your email Address

Gordon Certain of North Ivy Rd., our resident WEB site guru, needs your email address. "Our list of over 100 neighbor email addresses has been used several times lately to alert the neighborhood about breaking news," said Gordon.  The breaking news included details about two neighborhood house break-ins and a zoning hearing that resulted in lots of phone calls to city officials.

If you want to hear about last minute information from your association, please provide your email address at    Or use the NBCA membership form in this newsletter.  We promise to use your email address only for NBCA business and not to give it to anybody else.

If you are interested in sponsoring the NBCA WEB site and placing an ad there, contact Gordon Certain at 404-231-1192 or See the sponsorship program's details at

Businesses, professionals, babysitters, yard sale organizers and others will find advertising on the NBCA WEB site to be an effective and economical deal.

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Peachtree Gardens Club Preservation Survey Results

Due to the involvement of wetlands on the site of the proposed Peachtree Gardens subdivision, the developer was required to apply for authorization from the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). The developer, Louis Reynaud, and the North Buckhead Civic Association were informed the Peachtree Gardens Club building was eligible for listing on the National Register of Historical Places by the USACE in May of this year. With this notification, USACE stipulated that construction activities in the areas of the property under their jurisdiction could not commence prior to Mr. Reynaud's compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act.

The developer must provide documentation necessary to complete a consideration of possible mitigation and/or preservation options regarding the structure known as the Peachtree Garden Club to USACE and the Georgia State Historic Preservation Office for review. No such documentation has yet been received by either office.

The North Buckhead neighborhood was charged by USACE with the task of determining if there was interest within the community to preserve the structure. Individuals in favor and against preservation circulated flyers in the neighborhood. A public meeting was held by the NBCA on September 14, 1998 regarding the potential preservation of the historic building on the Peachtree Gardens property.

Presentations were made by Government experts as well as by pro-preservation and anti-preservation residents of the neighborhood. Opinions were solicited from those attending the meeting and also from residents of 19 streets surrounding the Peachtree Gardens property. The opinions of those attending the meeting were in favor of exploring preservation 60% to 40%. The opinion surveys received by mail of those residents who did not attend the meeting were against exploring preservation 65% to 35%. The survey of those residents living within "wintertime" view of the structure resulted in an opinion favorable to exploring preservation 75% to 25%.

At a meeting of the NBCA Board, members voted to forward the results of the surveys to USACE without

making an official recommendation for or against preserving the building due to the split of the opinions of the neighborhood. It was agreed to inform USACE that the NBCA wanted to be listed as an interested party and remain informed regarding the status of the development. The USACE has not yet contacted the NBCA to make its decision known.

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A $2,000 kitty has been set up by the North Buckhead Civic Association, by unanimous vote of its board, to replace trees cut down for neighborhood sidewalk construction or for other reasons.

"We intend to keep our North Buckhead forest alive and well," said NBCA President Sally Silver. "This is a project of our Tree Replacement Committee that we hope will slow down or stop our tree loss."

The first tree plantings will be done along the sidewalk recently constructed near Sarah Smith School on Old Ivy Road. Some 20 trees were cut down to clear the way for the sidewalk.

Eleven homeowners along Old Ivy have been approached about this project and all but one have expressed interest. Some have volunteered to pay for the trees or to split the cost with the civic association.

Trees will help replace lost landscaping, soften the streetscape on a major entrance into the neighborhood and provide additional privacy for residents. Both Pikes and Springs Nursery have agreed to provide trees at wholesale prices. Additionally, a landscape architect and a professional horticulturist have volunteered to help plan and implement the project. Neighborhood volunteers will participate in tree planting and initial maintenance. Cost of each tree planting is estimated to range from $100 to $150.

Kevin McCauley, head of the tree replacement effort, says his committee also is working with the Georgia DOT to plant trees along the stretch of Mountain Way that goes under Georgia 400.

This area has been a trouble spot for dumping, graffiti and illegal parking. The plan is to help beautify the underpass area with trees and other plantings. The project is scheduled to be completed by March, McCauley said.

In another effort to save trees, a group of NBCA representatives met recently with the city arborist to discuss setting up a watchdog group that would monitor compliance with the city's tree ordinance at development sites.

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Little Nancy Recovering Following Fish Kill

Efforts of the Little Nancy Creek Watershed Watch to clean up the creek that drains a large part of our neighbor hood appear to be paying off.

For the first time since a major August fish kill, small fish have been seen in the creek. An estimated 600 fish were killed following a contamination that occurred near the North Stratford bridge about three months ago.

Three monthly chemical monitorings of the creek have been completed and "we are beginning to see some trends, said Kevin McCauley, who is leading the monitoring and cleanup project. Due to lack of rain storm water, contamination in the creek has been minimal and the overall health of the stream is good, he said.

Fecal coliform tests show colony counts between 100 - 400 colonies per 100ml. Readings at or below 200 colonies per 100ml are acceptable for waterways used for drinking water and recreation, based on Georgia EPD standards. Only the Wieuca Road monitoring site fell outside the acceptable range. Additional tests will be conducted on Nov. 28.

During October a group of volunteers conducted a creek cleanup in conjunction with the 7th Annual Georgia River Cleanup Week. Over 500 pounds of trash was collected in and around the stream from North Ivy to near Wieuca Road, including a television set, two shovels, a yard wagon and several unmentionables.

"Thanks to all the volunteers, especially the McClatchey Circle contingent who gave up part of their morning to help," said McCauley. "We plan to complete the cleanup of the remaining section in the coming months. Hope you can come." Contact Kevin McCauley at 404-531-0006.

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Group Formed to Save Neighborhood Green Space

A group of residents has gotten together to work on conserving green space in the neighborhood, forming a non-profit conservancy for that purpose.

Rufus Chambers of Buff Drive says a number of initiatives have been undertaken which include discussions with land conservation organizations, private foundations and endowments regarding financial support for the project. Neighborhood residents also will be contacted to determine the degree of support for green space acquisition.

The project was started by Chambers, Marc Blumberg, Karen Goss, Chris Killebrew, Kevin McCauley and Susan Patterson. Chambers says the group welcomes financial support from the neighborhood. Those interested should contact him at 404-841-0880.

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   By Gordon Certain

Our NBCA WEB site ( was born just nine months ago and initially just a few people visited it. Gradually, awareness of it spread in the community and, believe it or not, beyond. We are pleased to mention a front page article called "Cyber Sidewalks – Neighborhood Web Sites Becoming More Common," almost totally about the NBCA WEB site. It was in the Atlanta-Buckhead monthly newspaper's October edition.

More and more people are visiting our WEB site, far more than we originally thought. We had believed our site's dozens of individual WEB pages had been viewed an estimated 5,800 times – some pages a few times, some many times.  So we were elated to find out the real total was almost 12,000. That equals 50 NBCA pages per average day, twice as often as we thought.

The Home Page continues to be the most popular. Here's why: At its top we have the Breaking News section which features neighborhood news, planned meetings and newly updated NBCA WEB site pages.  So with one quick look, you'll know what's going on.

The Fence Talk page is another favorite. It's the place for neighborhood chats. You can electronically complain to your neighbor about being burglarized and then having to wait practically forever for the police to come. Or ask silly questions. Or inquire about fines for too many false burglar alarms, find out if your house is within the North Buckhead boundaries, and sometimes, just gripe.

On Fence Talk ( recently an out-of-state visitor asked if it is true that you have to be really rich to live in Buckhead. Anybody can answer and in this case NBCA's Harold Cunliffe provided a cleverly philosophical response. We won't tell you what he said. You'll have to go there yourself and see. If you don't have access to the WEB, ask someone who does. Otherwise, call Certain at 404-231-1192.

Then there was a Fence Talk visitor from Jacksonville, Fla. She serves on the boards of several community and civic organizations there and wanted to know how we indicate updated material on our WEB site.

Another popular page is the Peachtree Garden Subdivision page. It includes the results of the September neighbor hood opinion survey about whether to support preservation of the Peachtree Gardens Club building on North Ivy Road as a historical site. It also includes copies of correspondence between the developer, the Army Corps of Engineers, the state Department of Natural Resources and city agencies. There are also neighbors' comments about the Peachtree Gardens site.

We are always adding new pages as things develop. City measures to abate traffic problems prompted the most recent addition. Named for the city's traffic calming initiative, you can find it at Once there, you'll see details and pictures (our site has lots of pictures) about bike lanes, all-way stops on Wieuca and a number of other improvements. The related Traffic Page identifies the North Buckhead intersection responsible for many serious accidents and three fatalities.

Come and join us on your neighborhood's WEB site. The more of you who get involved, the better your neighborhood will be.

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   By Kay Beynart

Olde Wieuca Mill

Olde Wieuca Mill – An application to expand the Olde Wieuca Mill into the adjacent two plus acres (4362 Wieuca Road) to construct six more houses was unanimously opposed by the NBCA Zoning Committee, NPU-B, the Zoning Review Board and the City Council Zoning Committee. It will be voted on by the full council on Nov. 16. This is the second defeat for a application on Wieuca Road as we fight to preserve the character of our mostly R-3 neighborhood. The Zoning Committee, with the support of affected neighbors and others has worked hard to protect our community and this effort is paying off.

Phipps Boulevard/Conifer CircleAn application for 52 detached, single family houses on Conifer Circle priced at $500,000 and up has been recommended for approval by the North Buckhead Civic Association, NPU-B, Zoning Review Board and City Council Zoning Committee. It will be voted on by the full council on Nov. 16. This project would be substituted for the Finger Company proposal for 230 plus apartments in settlement of a lawsuit against the city which was filed when its proposal was turned down. This site is designated for high density residential and the current project would down zone it to medium density.

Subdivision on Ivy RoadAn application by Howard Carson for a subdivision at 3847,3857, 3865, 3879 Ivy Road was recommended for approval by the North Buckhead Civic Association and NPU-B. The project, on 5.5 acres, would consist of 11 homes priced from $600,000. As of the deadline for this newsletter, it had not yet been approved by the city.

Ivymoor – An application for rezoning from R-3 to PD-H at 3761, 3765, 3781, 3801 Wieuca Road was voted down by the City Council after opposition from the North Buckhead Civic Association, NPU-B, and the Zoning Review Board.

Variances – Two variances in North Buckhead have been approved by the Board of Zoning Adjustment. One is for an accessory building which would encroach on the required rear and side yard setbacks at 883 Stovall Boulevard. The other is for an addition at 3930 North Stratford Road which would encroach on the side yard setback.

Ivy Road PD-H An application to rezone six acres from R-3 to PD-H for 10 houses at 3884 Ivy Road was unanimously recommended for denial by NBCA and NPU-B. The Zoning Review Board voted 7-1 to recommend denial to the City Council on Nov. 12. The case will be voted on by the council in early December. This rezoning would have set a precedent for PD-H in the interior of the neighborhood. The ZRB vote was a big victory for the neighborhood in trying to protect the character and platting patterns of North Buckhead.

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   By Natalie Spalding

Residents of North Ivy Road kicked off the fall season with a gala street party. Big turnout and lots of food. The children especially enjoyed being able to play in the street which was closed to traffic. Helping to plan and host the party were the Dicksons, Blumbergs, Sabulises, Allisons, Pattersons, Edwards and Natalie Spalding.

If you have a chance, stop by Sarah Smith school and look at the wonderful new folk art garden created by the children with the help of their art teacher, Nancy Pritchett. Nancy received a grant from the Georgia Wildlife Federation and used the money to buy stone for the garden, which is modeled after the work of a famous artist.

Speaking of artists, we have one in our own neighborhood. Mary Elizabeth Cronk's artwork was selected to appear in the children's menu of the Four Seasons Hotel. Mary Elizabeth is the daughter of Joe and Claire Cronk of North Stratford.

Another outstanding young North Buckhead resident, Allie Baxter, received the Global Health Action Award for her fund- raising efforts for the Atlanta Hunger Walk. Allie is the daughter of Jeff and Gaylen Baxter of Herrington Drive. The Baxters have two other daughters, Jordan and Charlotte. Charlotte is a freshman at Dartmouth this year.

The three daughters of Edward and Grafton Lamb, North Stratford Road, are keeping busy with fall sports.  Sidney, Emily and Lauren are all playing soccer with the DeKalb Redhots and basketball for Peachtree Presbyterian. Sidney ran cross country this fall for North Atlanta High school and placed 12th in the city and 17th in the region. Grafton is the very athletic blonde you see walking all the time!

Carol Cobble of North Ivy collected money for the Leukemia Society and ran the New York Marathon in the excellent time of three hours, 33 minutes.

New additions to the neighborhood dog world are Carol Cobble's bulldog puppy, Lulu. Jim and Lisa Weldon of Glengary and their three children have a new Dachshund named Prank. Beth and Anthony Mather and their two sons have added Biscuit, a great looking Chesapeake Bay retriever, to their household.

Your neighborhood newsletter congratulates two families upon the arrival of new additions. Daniela and Chris Patterson of North Ivy have a son, Joshua. Bev and Amy Lance of North Stratford have a new baby girl. And by the time this newsletter arrives there probably will be a new baby at the home of Bill and Jena Dickson on North Ivy. Their daughters Emma and Allie are excited about getting a baby brother.

New neighbors who have moved into our area include Leslie Jones, Stovall Terrace; Mark Kauffman, Stovall Boulevard; and Claire McDonald, who has moved into her grandmother's house at 4382 Skyland Drive. New residents on Glengary are Scott and Dina Johnson and their twins, Jacob and Lucas; John and Jane Thompson and their two children; and Nancy and Jim Sherman and their daughter Ellie.

The residents of Arden Way are sad to see their neighbor, Dick Jowers, leave. Dick is moving to Athens to be near his daughter after living on Arden Way for over 40 years. Jim and Liz Cronnin and their daughter Mary Elizabeth will be buying the Jowers house. They used to live on Arden Way and are glad to return to the neighborhood.

The exciting news on Stovall Boulevard is that Frances Dennis has married Dennis Doherty.  Dennis is a runner and enjoys our quiet streets.

Michael and Julie Witt Halpern of Stovall have recently returned from a trip to Brussels and Amsterdam.  Lisa and Tom Herman of Peachtree Dunwoody have been to France.  I, too, visited France in October with my dog, where he was welcome in all the hotels and restaurants!

Nancy and Kevin Lockery will soon be moving into their house on North Stratford, close to Little Nancy Creek, where extensive renovation has been going on for some time. Look for several other renovations to begin soon. Erin and Donnie of Stovall and Keith Woodall of North Stratford have plans to remodel soon and Jeff and Wendy Cohen will soon begin a major landscaping project. Our neighborhood just keeps getting better.

Chris and Kim Killebrew of Buff Drive hosted many of the neighborhood children at a Halloween party. After the party they all went trick-or-treating. The party followed by trick-or-treating is a fun tradition begun several years ago by Jenna Olsen when she lived on North Ivy.

Thanks to all of you who gave me news tips. We need more news from families who live on the west side of Wieuca. Don't be shy. Please call me with any news about you, your children or your neighbors at 404-231-0646. Happy holidays!!

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Following is a list of representative home sales in the North Buckhead area since the September newsletter. These sales were included in First Multiple Listing Service data and were compiled by Realtor Deb-C McGuire.

4373 North Buckhead Dr. $564,434 4223 Wieuca Overlook $455,000
4055 Peachtree Dunwoody  435,000 3972 North Ivy Road 430,000
19 Wieuca Trace  420,000 4331 McClatchey Circle  409,000
3997 Stephens Mill Run 405,000 3515 Old Ivy Lane  322,000
831 Stovall Boulevard  310,000 4186 Beverly Lane 307,000 307,000
3619 Old Ivy Lane 286,326

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Click "Fence Talk" for some interactive communication methods.

Following is a listing of NBCA officers and board members:

Sally Silver, President, 4093 Statewood Rd., 404-261-7854.
Dari Dollar, Treasurer, 4475 Glengary Dr., 404-231-5137
Kay Beynart, Zoning Co-chair, 4135 McClatchey Cir., 404-252-4258
Bob Young, Zoning Co-chair, newsletter distribution, 400 Pinecrest Rd., 404-255-1315
George Ingols, Zoning, NPU-B, 4210 Beverly Lane, 404-257-1322
Carol Cahill, Neighborhood Markers, 4421 Tree Haven Dr., 404-303-7959
Gordon Certain, Web Master, vice-Treasurer 5110 North Ivy Rd., 404-231-1192
John Mullinax,Web Page, Membership Records, 4231 McClatchey Cir., 404-255-4775. 
Charles Taylor, Newsletter Editor, 4061 North Ivy Rd., 404-237-7444
Deb-C McGuire is our Advertising Representative.
To place an ad in our newsletter, call her at 404-233-0542.

The NBCA newsletter is published every quarter and is distributed primarily by volunteers. If you have suggestions or ideas for items you would like to see in the newsletter or if you are interested in volunteering your services, please get in touch with us by phone, through our Web site address:
or writing us at North Buckhead Civic Association, P.O. Box 420391, Atlanta, Ga. 30342-0391.

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Flower Lovers

Have you noticed the fall colors displayed by the flower plantings on traffic islands at Wieuca and Phipps Boulevard? They were donated by Harry Norman Realtors. Our thanks for this touch of beauty.

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Burglaries Reported On Ivy, North Ivy

Two residents of our community reported burglaries or attempted burglaries last month, both on the same day, Oct. 19. At an Ivy Road address burglars broke through a five inch deadbolt front door in the early afternoon. Total damage and theft loss was estimated by the owner at $35,000.

A truck or van was backed up to the garage. The owner reported that all the electronics in the home were taken, along with bedding, food, silver, wine, money, watches, and baseball cards. The owner was out of the house on an errand and the alarm system was not on. Police showed up 45 minutes after being called. A detective was quoted as saying that that immediate area had been hit three times just recently.

On North Ivy a home was broken into shortly before noon while the owner was on vacation. The owner reported that Honeywell Security immediately called police and recorded the name of the officer taking the call. Reportedly, the police did not show up until three days later when a hired serviceman came to work on the house and dialed 911.

Police arrived an hour later. The investigating officers declined to write up a burglary report since they said no burglary had occurred. A steel double deadbolt door had been forced open, perhaps with a crowbar or other metal object, the owner stated, who added that the alarm siren must have scared off the would-be burglars. The back door of the home had remained open for three days.


The Artists Among Us.... Woodturner Ed Moulthrip

There are many things seen and heard in life that delight our hearts. Some artists give us beautiful music, others inspire and charm us with their prose and their paintings. Ed Moulthrop does all of that with his woodturning.

Woodturning? What is that, you ask. It is the shaping of log section as it revolves on a lathe. Moulthrop's creations, primarily bowls and vases of all sizes and shades, are owned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the High Museum Art in Atlanta and the Smithsonian.

Also owning his works are individuals such as Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands, Stanley Marcus of Neiman-Marcus, John Portman, David Rockefeller, Ted Turner, Queen Margrethe of Denmark and Jack Nicklaus. The wholesale prices of his bowls range from $850 to more than $19,000.

The Moulthrops have lived on Carmain Drive for 55 years, buying a farmhouse and three acres from the Carmain family. An architect by profession before he turned his talents entirely to woodtuming, Moulthrop designed the Atlanta Civic Center. At age 62 his hobby became his living and a good living it is. "I told my wife I was embarrassed by the prices," he said in an interview.

Moulthrop, whose shop is part of his long, rambling home, has designed his own lathes and tools that enable him to work with log sections weighing thousands of pounds. It is this distinction, the ability to create objects larger than dinner-ware size, that sets his work apart from that of other woodturners.

All the woods that Moulthrop uses are products of the Southeastern forests. These woods – the tulip poplars, sweetgums, oaks, maples, sugarberry and cypress – yield a beauty of color and texture the equal of any of the woods of foreign lands, he says. Moulthrop's logs are supplied by four or five woodcutters in the Atlanta area who know what he's looking for. The prize wood is that of the tulip poplar, a wood in which bacteria produce swatches of different colors.

His work begins with green logs that are reduced and hollowed out. The wood is cured in chemicals for three months to prevent splitting and cracking, sun-dried, re-turned, sanded and varnished. There is a final hand rubbing with an oil, a step that brings out the ultimate beauty of the wood.

Moulthrop enters his art in four annual shows across the country.  In Atlanta, his work can be seen and purchased at the Signature Shop in Buckhead on Roswell Road.

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Help Cleanse Our Creek And Win A $25 Award
   By Kevin McCauley

Did you know that each year enough rain falls on a typical house in North Buckhead to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool?  Rather than the rain being absorbed into the ground and then filtered and cleansed as it passes through the soil on its way to Little Nancy Creek, much of it flows directly off our roofs, driveways, patios and streets down the storm drain and into the creek. The result is a larger volume of water enters our creek in a shorter period of time. Flooding is more frequent and severe creek bank erosion is accelerated. The water is dirtier and more contaminated. All this causes a loss of habitat for aquatic plants and animals and higher costs to produce our drinking water.

Fortunately there are steps we can take to reduce the amount of runoff that reaches the creek and to improve the water quality. In the next NBCA newsletter we will provide a list of things each of us can do to improve water quality of Little Nancy Creek.  In the meantime, if you have any ideas for ways to reduce storm water runoff and improve the creek water quality, please send them to Little Nancy Creek Watershed Watch c/o Kevin McCauley, 551 Chateaugay Lane, Atlanta, Ga. 30342 or email Kevin

A $25 gift certificate of your choice to the Chattahoochee Outdoor Center or the Chattahoochee Nature Center will be awarded for the simplest and most effective idea. Entries must be postmarked by 12/15/98.

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   By Deb-C McGuire

A little piece of our neighborhood's history is now under contract, a home believed to have been built around 1910-1920.

The house at 496 Chateaugay Lane was at one time situated on eight acres and was called Squirrel Hill.  It had a 4385 Wieuca Road address and the mailbox was on Loridan's Drive.

In addition to the main house, there was a smaller cottage, stables and a riding ring. This home is believed to have been constructed perhaps 85 to 90 years ago by an architect for his "country" home.

The entire foundation is of attractive Crab Orchard stone. This same stone accents the exterior of the front foyer and the screened porch. The family room is approximately 39 by 20 feet and has a large fireplace made of Crab Orchard stone.

Original hardwood floors are found throughout the home on both main living areas. All the interior doors are handcrafted, solid wood with the original hardware. Several rooms have flagstone floors.

Through milky glass and weighted windows, one can view some of the oldest hardwood trees in our area. All walls are of knotted pine.

The current owner, Mrs. Jean Tucker, who has lived in the house for 40 years, put in the street we know as Chateaugay Lane. Mrs. Tucker named the street after the horse "Chateaugay" who won the 1963 Kentucky Derby."

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Did you know that Sarah Smith Elementary was recently awarded the Georgia School of Excellence Award, the highest award bestowed upon a public school in Georgia?

One of the many reasons for that excellence award is parental participation and generosity in responding to the needs of the school. Sarah Smith is always in need of new or used computers and printers. Call Lana Eden at 404-842-3120 or fax her at 404-842-3046 and tell her what you'd like to contribute. Give the school your old Mac or PC and get a great tax writeoff.

The school also could use old tennis balls. Yes, that's right, old tennis balls. The balls are slit open and placed on students' chair legs to keep the noise level down. Call Kali Crowder at 404-842-3120 or fax her at 404-842-3046 and she will put them to good use.

Volunteers are always needed. The school hosts the spring Tour of Renovated Homes in the neighborhood. If you would like to help show one of the homes call Lisa Weldon at 404-237-7585 and she will put you to work. But there are plenty of other jobs for volunteers. Just call and we will find a spot for you.

School supporters are hosting an art auction in January. If you or your company would like to advertise or help sponsor the event, call Jennifer Aylward at 404-841-9298.

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Mike Hinson
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Kevin McGuire
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Baby sitters
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Natalie Spalding
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Buckhead Vacum
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