Friends of Little Nancy Creek Park clean up Little Nancy Creek Park.

Neighborhood Work Day at Little Nancy Creek Park - February 21, 2009
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Jim Braun

Lisa Dickerson (L) and Mandy LeCompte

3 of 21 volunteers working in the park




Auto Trader volunteers work to clean up Little Nancy Creek Park.

'Auto Trader' Work Day at Little Nancy Creek Park - November 20, 2008
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Auto Trader Volunteers
Park Pride organized this event and provided tools.

Friends of Little Nancy Creek provided refreshments



Ivy was stripped from tree trunks

Construction ribbons were removed



A path between two silt fences was cleared for several hundred feet


Wrecker cleans up after traffic accident.  Parts from previous accidents were found in the park's underbrush.

A kudzu-covered holly bush (in distance) was trimmed


10/10/08 - Underground creek?

Cell phone video - 1.6MB

9/23/08 - Park Design Kickoff Session for Our New Park

By Mandy LeCompte
On September 23, the new Friends of Little Nancy Creek Park group held its first public planning session.  This was the beginning of a ten-month process to envision what features
and improvements the park on Peachtree Dunwoody Road at Winall Down Road will ultimately have.  The Friends group is a joint endeavor of residents of the North Buckhead and 
Brookhaven neighborhoods and each neighborhood was well represented among the 18 attendees.  The new Little Nancy Creek Park is a five-acre tract which the City purchased 
in 2007.  Please visit www.nbca.org/Parks to see recent photos and other information about the park. The dilapidated home and other structures on the site were demolished in August. 
In our July newsletter, we described the $25,000 design grant our park had been awarded by Park Pride.  Nandita Godbole, Park Visioning Program Assistant for Park Pride, conducted 
the planning session.  She outlined the ten-month process which will result in a comprehensive park master plan that will be used to guide future construction and fund raising efforts.  
To see other park master plans and learn more about Park Pride, visit www.parkpride.org/visio.html.
Park Pride's Walt Ray, Director of Park Visioning and an expert in park design, will guide area residents in future sessions including a Design Workshop and Preliminary and Final Design 
Review Meetings.  These meetings are open to all interested residents from North Buckhead, Brookhaven and other area neighborhoods.  The first step in the process is the formation of a 
Park Steering Committee.  If you are interested in this and/or if you are not on the email list for the new park, send an email to Mandy LeCompte, mandy.lecompte@mindspring.com.  
Mandy is chair of NBCA’s Playgrounds committee and, together with Brookhaven’s Lisa Dickerson, coordinates communications for the Friends group.  If you don’t have email, send a letter 
to LNC Park, PO Box 420391, Atlanta GA 30342 and ask to be notified of future meetings.  Please include your name, address and phone number.
Our next meeting is tentatively scheduled for October 21 at a place to be determined —  please stay tuned.


Little Nancy Creek Park

The City purchased this 5 acre park site last year (2007).  We hope to prepare a park master plan during 2008 and start on park fund raising and construction during 2009.

Map showing park's location
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Topographic map of park site
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Our park's temporary sign

From 6/11/08 email to neighborhood

In February we applied to Park Pride (the non-profit which works closely with the City's Parks Department) for a "visioning grant" for our new park on Peachtree-Dunwoody Road. The visioning
process is intended to result in a park master plan that reflects the desires of its neighbors, given the characteristics of the park. Late last month, Park Pride announced that our application for
the visioning grant had won! Work will start in the late summer. We are told that the award's design services are valued at $25,000. The visioning process last about ten months and will involve a
number of neighborhood meetings. Once we have that park master plan we can start working on turning the land into an actual park. We will make sure that all neighbors will be invited to these
visioning sessions.

The park will be called "Little Nancy Creek Park". It is on the border between North Buckhead and the Brookhaven neighborhood, so a joint steering committee representing both neighborhoods
has been established. The first steering committee meeting was held last month.

We also had our first joint work day in the park this past weekend - we didn't advertise this work day widely because we are just getting organized and need to get our bearings before we involve
large numbers of volunteers. As it was we had 11 volunteers who worked in the park for about three hours on Saturday morning - the work was to remove invasive plant species and haul yard waste
to the street for pickup. Pictures of those volunteers and their results are on our web site in the second section below.

Yesterday, we had a second work day involving 16 volunteers, State of Georgia employees who participate in the "Keep Georgia Beautiful" program. Pictures of them and their accomplishments at the
park are shown immediately below. We really appreciate their contributions to our park.

The next work day has not been scheduled but will not be held for at least several weeks.


'Keep Georgia Beautiful' Work Day at Little Nancy Creek Park - June 10, 2008
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This group's work day was organized by Kim Portmess, Program Coordinator, Keep Georgia Beautiful, Georgia Department of Community Affairs, Office of Environmental Management. 

We will add the participant's names when they are available.


Our 'Inaugural Work Day' at Little Nancy Creek Park - June 7, 2008
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The day's volunteers
Left to right: Gordon Certain, Lisa Dickerson, Carol Cahill, Jim Braun, Darden Braun, Mark Stovin, Emmett Doerr, Lisa Mason, Boyd Johnson, Tucker Greene, Mandy LeCompte
(3 hours later)


Park Pride's Ayanna William's Tour of Little Nancy Creek Park - March 15, 2008
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L-R: Lisa Dickerson, Ayanna, Tatianna (sp?),
unk (Ayanna's sister) and Mandy

Gordon, right

The driveway bridge has a strong steel frame

One of two garage sheds to be removed

The second of two garage sheds to be removed


Park Pride's Walt Ray's  Tour of Little Nancy Creek Park - February 12, 2008
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The pictures above and the one on the left of the next line are the front of the park, looking west, across Peachtree Dunwoody Road

Traffic whizzes by at 45 MPH and more...

Invasive species include bamboo.

Little Nancy Creek was muddy because of golf course work in Brookhaven

Invasive species include English ivy.

The house, in poor condition, will be removed

Collapsed BBQ pit's building. 

Walt Ray and Mandy LeCompte

The sewer easement at the back of the park.

Lots of towering mature pines.

Trees blown down in wind storm.

Lots of trash.

We hope to keep the house's chimney.


The Playground Committee visits the park site - 10/27/07


The Playground Committee visits the park site - 9/22/07