North Buckhead's Slow Down 2001

<% ' ' Scotty Greene, Executive Director, Buckhead Community Improvement District ' (right center) and WXIA's Jaye Watson (right) talk with North Buckhead ' volunteers %>
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Sally Silver, demonstrating at the Peachtree &
Wieuca intersection
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After the cars were decorated, more than a dozen cars drove at the speed limit  on Wieuca Road and Old Ivy Road
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Major Andresen, of APD's Special Operations unit, sent two motorcycle officers to support us, one of whom can be seen across the street
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Shirley Franklin, candidate for mayor (center), joined the North Buckhead demonstrators
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Demonstrators brave one of North Buckhead's many "industrial strength" intersections, most of which are on the borders of our neighborhood
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Thanks to the many neighbors and friends we had a wonderful slowdown On March 22, 2001.  We had an awesome Slow Down.

We didn't keep a complete roster of the participants, but there were certainly more than 20 people manning crosswalks, holding up placards along our streets, and driving at the speed limit, back and forth along Wieuca Road and Old Ivy Road at an unusual speed: the speed limit.

In addition to our residents, we had support from Scotty Greene, executive director of the Buckhead Community Improvement District, and Shirley Franklin, one of the candidates for mayor.

Thanks also to the Atlanta Police Department's Major Peter Andresen. Several Special Operations Officers on motorcycles were here to provide support and protection, though protection wasn't really needed. However some drivers occasionally yelled rude comments at our crosswalk demonstrators and we had to occasionally dodge drivers who were sure pedestrians never have the right of way.

Thanks to our volunteers and for those of you who wanted to participate, but couldn't. Thanks to Bill Dunkey and Sally Flocks (of PEDS, Pedestrians Educating Drivers about Safety, and Dianne Olansky for organizing this multi-neighborhood slowdown.

Thanks all for an awesome job. We shall do this again.

I encourage our volunteers and others committed to improving our neighborhood traffic environment to join us in our association's Traffic Committee meeting on Monday, 3/26, at 7:00 PM at St James United Methodist Church, Room 106, Loridans at Peachtree Dunwoody. (That's THIS MONDAY.) Improving traffic isn't a one-shot deal. Without people, like yesterday's volunteers, who are willing to give their time and effort, and do it in the long haul, we will not make major progress. Please join us. Like they say: "No pain, no gain."