Deer on Wieuca Terrace


Anne von Schlegell of Wieuca Terrace wrote: "We saw this deer in the back yard yesterday afternoon (9/3/08) and thought you might like to add it to the NBCA wildlife page."



Later this afternoon Anne added:  "Our friend came back today and I was able to get a better picture!  I love the fact that we have wildlife in Buckhead.  I just hope it doesn't get hit by a car."

Young Buck Sighted In North Buckhead


"This photo was taken Sunday, July 9th, 2006 at 7:00 a.m. by RE/MAX Greater Atlanta Realtor and NBCA resident Mike Hinson. The Buckhead Buck appears to be a 6 to 8 point buck still in velvet and was enjoying the grass at corner of Wieuca and West Wieuca. Thought you'd like the photos. Thank you again for all your work and efforts throughout the year.

"Lamar Hinson
Team Hinson, Hinson Realty"

Enlargement from yard Deer in yard Close-up

Buck at 7:00AM on Sunday July 9, 2006 at Wieuca Road and W Wieuca Road Intersection

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