Canada Geese on Phipps Boulevard



Pictures and comments by Rosanne Kohanim, 4/29/08

"This morning on my way in to work the traffic was stopped on Phipps Blvd. I looked and there were about six cars ahead of me and no apparent reason for stopping.... until I sat the whole family of Mom and Dad Canada Geese and their five little goslings. They were just sauntering across the street, sure that everyone would stop for them.. and I took a couple of pictures. They were precious! Started my day off nicely, although some drivers behind me were probably not happy about my stopping to take pictures!"

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Canada Geese on Lakemoore Drive


Canada Geese and goslings
On the lake on the south side of Lakemoore Drive - April 24, 2006

"I have quite a thing for the new geese family and have been taking pictures of them as I walk by in the morning with my camera phone. This was a particularly good one from Monday." --Gaylen Baxter

May 21, 2006 "Here's another pretty good shot of the geese on Lakemoore. I took this Sunday afternoon. They're getting big! We seem to be holding steady at six goslings--which is pretty remarkable given the dangers of snapping turtles, cars, etc."--Gaylen Baxter


Please do not feed the geese.

Please do not get too close to them.

Please drive carefully - the geese family often walks across Lakemoore Drive

Photos from Spring 2004
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Goose with goslings - Photo by Bob Young

Goslings - Photo by Bob Young