Recent North Buckhead Wildlife Photos

Recent wildlife photos posted 1/29/09


A resident of Old Ivy Road writes:

(Left) I used to have a lot of raccoons around my place. They are very bold and will come right up to your door as if they're trying to get in.

(Right) I'm attaching a photo of Juan and Roberto, the basso profundo duo who lived in my pond the last couple of years. Talk about making some noise -- once those two got going you literally could not carry on a conversation! Alas, I think they succumbed to a coyote or some other predator who valued frog meat above the opera.

Frogs (Juan and Roberto)
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Recent wildlife photos posted 1/29/09

Eastern Ringneck Snake

Argiope Spider

Garter Snake 2005

Arthur Roberts of North Stratford Raod write:

Here's a new update on some of the wildlife in the neighborhood.


Ambystoma Salamander 2009
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Recent wildlife photos posted 1/28/09

Fox (infrared) - 12/21/08

Raccoon and opossum (infrared) - 12/10/08

Squirrel (summer '08)

Chipmunk (summer '08)

Chipmunk (summer '08)

Butterfly (summer '08)

Hummingbird (summer '08)

Hummingbird (summer '08)

Hummingbird (summer '08)
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I took these from my front porch this summer and from my "game trail" camera at night with an infra-red flash." 


Recent wildlife photos posted 12/02/08

Nancy Jones in front of beaver dam - 12/2

Stump cut by beavers - 12/2
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Be sure to see more photos at Beavers

Recent wildlife photos posted 9/04/08

Deer - Backyard on Wieuca Terrace - 9/3

Deer - Backyard on Wieuca Terrace - 9/4
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Recent wildlife photos posted 8/15/08

Red-shoulder(?) Hawk

Alligator Snapping Turtle

Alligator Snapping Turtle

Alligator Snapping Turtle 
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Recent wildlife photos posted 7/2/08



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Blue Heron
by Gordon Certain
Great horned owl
by Laura Crumley
Great white egret
by Gordon Certain
Turtles (unknown species)
by Gordon Certain


New Wildlife Pictures - May 2008

5/12 Blue Heron

Gaylen Baxter - Morning Comments - "We just had a visit from the Blue Heron! He was in the small fish pond next to our house--swallowing something, which I fear was our one and only goldfish! He stayed there for a few moments but I missed a picture; with my dog barking furiously, the bird flew away."

Gaylen Baxter - Noon Comments and photos below - "I guess the Heron enjoyed his breakfast of goldfish so much that he has returned and is looking for lunch. I think he got the last of our fish, so his waiting may be in vain! Glad to get some pictures anyway..."


5/8 Blue Heron and Mallards

Jay Crutchfield - "I took these pictures from the Nancy Creek Wieuca bridge yesterday. Thought you might like to see them."

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5/6 Turtle (Unknown Species)

Kristin Smith - My son found this Sunday on Loridans Dr....We took him to the Blue Heron Park. Nice size and Nice strong jaws !!! He wasn't interested in my carrots & celery !!!

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5/8 OWL (Unknown Species Barred Owl)

Pat O’Brien - Beverly Lane - "Could you add this picture of an un-identified type of owl to the wildlife list? Hopefully, someone could tell us the breed."
5/12 - The following neighbors identified this as a barred owl:

Andrea Bennett - "I believe this is a Barred Owl (not to be confused with the Barn Owl)."

Cary Cloud - "I'm sure someone has responded with this already, but the owl in the photo is a Barred Owl. I checked my bird book and it looks exactly like the photo. I have not seen one myself, but the book indicated they can occasionally be seen hunting during the day. Thanks for all the great information you circulate through the email updates!"

John Kerr - "The Owl in the picture is a Barred Owl. We had a pair nesting near our house off Stephens Mill Run near Blue Heron Park late last Summer. One or both would sit perched on a limb visible from our back yard almost all day. We have even seen him make a pass at our Green Frogs sitting on the side of our small Gold Fish Pond. The nature here so close to the center of Buckhead's commercial businesses is so fantastic and entertaining.  The Barred Owl is second in size to only the Great Horned Owl in this part of the country."

Cheryl Mowris - "I have seen owls that I was told are screech owls in our neighborhood (Ivy Chase). With the help of a bird book and the binoculars it (they) are barred owls, with a call of " whoo, whoo, who cooks for you". The pair raised a little one in the buffer woods behind the Marsh building and while the mates were teaching the young one to hunt we would see all three flying and two even came and perched on my deck rails as if the parent was showing the young one where "lunch" might be found (at our bird feeder)"

Arthur Roberts - "Looks like I'm not the only birdwatcher in the neighborhood. Ms. O'Brien got some good pictures of a Barred Owl. This is a thick woods raptor, it fills the night time niche the Red Shouldered Hawk holds in the daylight hours.
The call of the Barred Owl is the "Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you aaaaaall?" hoot.  When they really get going, it sounds like a Tarzan movie in your backyard.  Good job on keeping us all posted."

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