Andrea Bennett, Old Ivy Road

I used to have a lot of raccoons around my place. They are very bold and will come right up to your door as if they're trying to get in. (Maybe they are!)


Lamar Hinson, Wieuca Road:

"I took these from my "game trail" camera at night with an infra-red flash.  The camera has a motion detector. Different manufacturers have different "trigger speeds" and so one make might need a "warm up" time of 1-4 minutes after detecting the motion before it will take a photo or a series of 1-5 photos. So you usually set them up over a deer scrape, a food plot, pointing down a longer trail, etc. so your subject is in the frame long enough to get a photo. These cameras will also do video. I got the 4gb SD card to greatly expand the memory because you will get many photos of birds, squirrels and nothing (the animal that triggered the camera did not stay in frame long enough). The cameras I settled on were Moultrie Game Spy 4.0-Megapixel Digital Camera with IR Flash. The IR flash does not spook game as a white flash will. It is also interesting that they record the time of day, date, phase of the moon and the temperature."

Raccoon (left) and opossum - click to enlarge