Screech Owl on southern end of North Stratford Road


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Photo and comments by Arthur Roberts

"Here's a nature note from North Stratford Road, with a couple of photos.

"Tuesday morning, I heard a lot of Cardinals, Mockingbirds and Brown Thrashers raising a ruckus in our backyard. A little investigation found the cause to be a Screech Owl who was not as well hidden as he had wished he was. He sat there for an hour or so, suffering the indignity of songbird harassment and the popping of my camera flash. I never saw him leave.

"Last week at 0430, we were awakened by a Great Horned Owl in the woodlot between North Stratford and Post Alexander. We got up and walked to the end of the street and listened to him up close for about 15 minutes and then saw him fly over the apartments toward Wieuca.

"Our neighborhood is still a wildlife haven, even amid the sprouting hi-rises!