Snapping Turtle 5/26/15
On Lakemoore Drive

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Large Snapping Turtle on Lakemoore Drive near Blue Heron Nature Preserve pond - 5/27/15 - "Today we saw this super-large turtle in the middle of the road on Lakewood Dr (at the corner of Roswell Rd at the pond) and thought this might be worth a mention in the NB email news. We moved the turtle back into the water. There are usually signs asking to drive carefully because of crossing animals - they really mean it: Please drive carefully in this area!" -Jaqui and Marcus Remmers of Mountain Drive


Snapping Turtle Rescued on North Stratford Road


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Just last week the alligator turtle that lives in the lake under the Lakemoore colony condos clubhouse decided to cross the street. I've lived here 3 years and had no idea how big he was until seeing him out of the water! -- Monica Nelson



Arthur with Snapping Turtle


Chicken Turtle
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It's me. I'm the one with pants on.

Saturday afternoon Pattie Kraus called me to say, "Help! I'm being attacked by a turtle down the street!" She was driving South on North Stratford on her way home. It was pretty funny because last spring I had "rescued" her from a slightly smaller Snapper in front of her house. I think they have some pictures of that event too. This turtle was in front of Scott Casey's house (just demolished and now being rebuilt) just North of Old Ivy. It seemed even weirder because I found the Chicken Turtle a few houses North the day before.

It gets funnier. Friday afternoon, I took the Chicken Turtle (the other picture) back South to the detention pond, for relocation, stopping to let Hunter Hess know I was going to cut through his yard to do so. 24 hours later, when I rang his doorbell, he asked, "Got another turtle?"

I put both turtles in the creek behind Hunter's house, just upstream from the detention pond. I trust both are happy in their new neighborhoods. Both were females, and unharmed. The Chicken Turtle had an old and significant wound to her carapace, but time had healed it well. The Snapping Turtle was, true to form, snapping at any and everything. No humans were harmed in the filming of this story.

My agent says it's OK to publish, but make sure Pattie gets credit for the discovery.

Best to you,

Arthur Roberts

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