On Sheldon Drive, North Buckhead

Wild Turkey - 5/22/09 - "My neighbor [C. Parker] took these photos of the wild turkey in my backyard on Sheldon last week while I was out of town.  I think he may still be out back." -- George Hodges of Sheldon Drive

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On Mathieson Drive, Buckhead Forest

Wild Turkey - 5/21/09 - "This wild turkey is huge. It could be three feet in total length.  I took these pictures in my backyard [on Mathieson Drive about 1/3-mile west of the Tower Place 100 tower}. She actually flew pretty high up in the tree.  Until my daughter got her bird book out we were unsure what it was." -- Kim Kahwach, president of the Buckhead Forest Civic Association.

Related report? - 5/17/09 - "A HUGE wild turkey landed on my gate Sunday, may 17th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Garrett Wolters, Land O'Lakes Drive, about a mile north of the site of these pictures.

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Spotted what appears to be a wild turkey at the far north end of Glengary this morning. Here's a pic I took with my camera phone.

Alan West

More from Alan:

"It crossed the road in front of us just as we were headed to Costco around noon. I grew up about an hour south of Providence Canyon in SW Ga. I've seen wild turkeys out in the country where I grew up, but I was shocked to see one in the neighborhood. They usually spook easily, but this one didn't seem to mind us fidgeting around to figure out the camera on my blackberry. Just wanted to put folks on the lookout. Guess with the holidays wrapping up, the turkey thinks the coast is clear!"




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