On June 12 we started our Habitat House.  13 North Buckhead Volunteers
and North Buckhead friends were joined by about 20 others, including
future hopeful Habitat home owners, students from Georgia State and
Habitat people.  Of course, future homeowner Shanita Silas was there
working on her house, as was House Leader Henry Grimes and his wife,

Volunteers from North Buckhead and friends we recruited included the
following: (Henry, please make copies of the weekly signup sheets so I
can give appropriate credit to all of the volunteers.)

Volunteer Street Role
Henry Grimes Habitat Construction
Gail Grimes Habitat Construction
Bob Smith Habitat Construction
Shanita Silas Future Home Owner Construction
Yvonne Nix Habitat Construction
Gordon Certain North Ivy Construction/snacks
Sue Certain North Ivy Lunch
Jessica Certain North Ivy Lunch
Bart Duncan North Stratford Construction
Kevin Malone Arden Way Construction
Teresa Malone Arden Way Construction
Louis Mayeux Herrington Construction
Sara Mayeux Herrington Construction
Tom McCollister North Stratford Construction
Bailey Pope Sheldon Construction
Lisa Shaver Lakemoor Construction
Rasmay Vanji (Dunwoody - parent of teammate on Jessica's YMCA soccer team) Construction
Somsak Vanji (Dunwoody - parent of teammate on Jessica's YMCA soccer team) Construction
Herb Silver Statewood Construction
Sally Silver Statewood Construction
Marilyn Shanks   Construction
James Shanks   Construction
Heather Rogers   Construction
Roger S.   Construction
Nikki Moore   Construction
Chase Lawler   Construction
Paide Addicks   Construction
Robert Orr   Construction
Caroline Nelson   Construction
Bernand Fraser   Construction
Heather Zarets   Construction
Stewart Brann   Construction
Phenizee Runsom   Construction
Eugine Wilson   Construction
Raymond Mss   Construction
Latonya Glenton   Construction
Natasha Carswell   Construction
Issac Jefferson   Construction
Mattie Ransom   Construction
Jennifer Hall   Construction
David B.   Construction
Yolanda Fitten   Construction
Others...   Construction

First Day's Photo Chronology

We reported to the Habitat warehouse near Cabbagetown.  Half of our crew
stayed at the warehouse to build all of the interior and exterior wall panels
for the house.  The other half went to the site to build the floor.  We reunited
for lunch and spent the rest of our time at the site.  We accomplished so much
it's hard to believe.

Click on any of the pictures below to view a larger version.

P0001505.jpg (59583 bytes)
Waiting on lumber delivery

P0001506.jpg (52434 bytes)
Waiting on lumber delivery

P0001507.jpg (46961 bytes)
Installing floor joists

P0001508.jpg (20325 bytes)
Installing floor joists

EX000018.jpg (44284 bytes)
Installing floor decking

P0001517a.jpg (27633 bytes)
Finishing floor decking

P0001511.jpg (42685 bytes)
The wall panels arrive
P0001519.jpg (44638 bytes)
Lunch (fried chicken)
P0001520.jpg (40312 bytes)


P0001522.jpg (56880 bytes)
Lifting the first wall

P0001525.jpg (41252 bytes)Attaching the first wall

P0001526.jpg (50505 bytes)
"Tote that wall..."

P0001528.jpg (37546 bytes)
Readying 2nd wall

P0001529.jpg (39144 bytes)
Finishing 2nd wall

P0001531.jpg (46521 bytes)
"And the dining room will be..."

P0001534.jpg (44492 bytes)
With the sun out, it was hot!
P0001535.jpg (37444 bytes)
3rd wall
P0001538.jpg (46821 bytes)
Moving in the shower/tub


P0001539.jpg (44241 bytes)
The front wall...
P0001542.jpg (44558 bytes)
The day 1 crew
P0001545.jpg (45216 bytes)Gordon, Shanita & Henry

Original camera pictures (for all days) are available on request in larger
1,152 x 768 format.  email Gordon at NorthBuckhead@yahoo.com if you want to request one.

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