NBCA's 34th Annual Meeting

March 23, 2006

(Photos below.)

On March 23, we had 80 to 100 attendees at our association's 34th annual meeting.

City Council President Lisa Borders was our keynote speaker. She spoke on various issues of interest to Atlanta now, such as the Beltway, impact fees, and growth of the city. Mary Norwood (City Council Member-at-Large) and Howard Shook (our council member from District 7) also spoke at the meeting. All three City Council members spoke about how Atlanta is transforming itself and answered questions, mostly on development, transportation issues, in-fill housing, and trees. Scotty Greene addressed the group regarding the Peachtree Boulevard Project. Other attendees included Major James Sellers (commander of the local Zone 2 Police Precinct), Sgt. Tim Culberson, Former District 7 Council Member Lee Morris (who is running for Chairman of the Fulton County Commission) and Bill Loughrey (candidate for Post 2 At Large of the Fulton County Commission).

We heard from some of our committee chairs. One who spoke was Robert Sarkissian, chair of the NBCA Traffic Committee. He spoke on the need for traffic enforcement on the neighborhood streets and how he had clocked speeders with the NBCA's new radar gun. (Incidentally, on the next morning (March 24), police were out in significant numbers, pulling over speeders on such neighborhood thoroughfares as Old Ivy Road.)

Thanks to Alex Swan and his daughter Rebecca who set up the food tables - we had sushi, sandwiches, dip & crackers, fresh vegetables and cookies - very good. Andrea Waters (Chair of the Membership Committee) and Rita Christopher (Co-chair of the New Neighbors Greeting Committee) greeted attendees.

We appreciate the sponsors who helped make this meeting possible: Carol Cahill - Harry Norman Realtors, The Hinsons - Re/MAX Greater Atlanta, and Pope & Land Enterprises, Inc. We also appreciate our neighbors who came, voicing their concerns to city leaders and hoping to make a difference. We all got to meet new people and know each other a little better. The meeting ran long, until about 9:10. It was an interesting evening and it was rewarding to spend some time with the leaders of our city government.

The following candidates stood for electionto the NBCA Board at the Annual Meeting.  All were elected.


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Alex Swan and his daughter Rebecca

L-R NBCA President Gordon Certain,
Zone 2 Commander Major James Sellers,
City Councilmember Mary Norwood
Neighbor Peggy Cooper


NBCA Secretary Bob Young

NBCA President Gordon calls the meeting to order

NBCA VP David Dollar

Speaker Lisa Borders (at right in red) fields question from audience



Lisa Borders speaks with neighbors

NBCA Traffic Chair Robert Sarkissian


Former City Councilmember Lee Morris

BCID General Manager Scotty Greene


City Councilmember Mary Norwood


Walda Lavroff,
NBCA Land Use & Zoning Chair.
Also Chair of NPU-B


City Councilmember Howard Shook


Nancy Jones (Chair of NBCA's Environmental Committee) with Howard Shook






(Help me with the captions for the other pictures.  -- Gordon)