Spring Fling '98 A Great Success!

Held on May 17 from 4:00PM to 8:00PM on Mountain Drive between North Ivy Road and Arden Way, our Spring Fling '98 had a great turnout. 

Like Spring Fling '97, we got permission from the City of Atlanta to block traffic on Mountain Drive at North Ivy Road and at Arden Way.

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Dozens Of Families Attended The Four Hour Street Party

All Photos by: John Noell of Noell Communications


There was live entertainment, Atlanta Fire Department firemen and a fire truck (which some of the kids figured out how to turn on the siren), a number of Atlanta Police officers, a clown, great food and refreshments.
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Clown Entertaining Kids With Balloons

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Kid with Face Paint and a Balloon Crown
(added 8/10/98)

The food and drinks were free and excellent.  A mobile barbeque grill was on hand for cooking hamburgers, vege-burgers, and hot dogs.  Potato chips, cole slaw and potato salad were available in quantity.  There were kegs of beer and chests of soft drinks.

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The Serving Line And Grill

Cooks Bruce Patterson (black hair/white shirt/black shorts) and John Mullinax (far left with glasses) did a really great job on the grill.


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Three of Atlanta's Finest Who Helped Us Celebrate


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Neighborhood Boy Enjoying the Great Food


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Attendees Spanned All Ages, Including This 7 Day Old Newcomer

The Oldest Attendee Was 85.


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The Weather Was Perfect For Spreading Blankets In The Middle Of Mountain Drive


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NBCA President Sally Silver (Gray Dress) Greets New Member Of North Buckhead Civic Association


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NBCA Web Presence Committee Member And Master Grill Cook John Mullinax


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